Obama Balances World Crises With Golf, Time Off

The “optics” of it all doesn’t mean anything any more. That is, when the media has your back. Let’s all marvel at how President Obama “balances world crises with golf and time off.” The implication is, of course, that everything is just fine on the world stage. Is that the way you see it? Regardless, this is the meme of the day/week/month/term. No never-ending cacophony of criticism that we were used to seeing.

Especially for Obama, who couldn’t have been elected without them. This is what “circling the wagons” looks like.

Reuters: No optical illusion: Obama balances world crises with golf, time off

Obama’s “Mission Accomplished”

Equatorial Guinea president Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

and his wife Constancia Mangue De Obiang. Like his dictator uncle before him, President Obiang kills or jails political opponents. Wins elections with 99% of the vote, and there is no freedom of the press.

In another time, not so long ago, people around the world suffering oppression or genocide from evil dictators, could look and would look to the United States for help. Because we could help, and because we would help. We’ve been involved militarily to free people, not to take their land, but to free them from those kind of situations.

That was before we elected a President who’s mission became knocking America down to size, withdrawing from world affairs both militarily (in a way that supported our enemies) and morally (by ignoring security agreements with Ukraine).

Out to “improve” our image around the world, President Obama has successfully made that image into a country willing to watch the rest of the world go to hell in a hand basket, while turning our own society into a basket case, by a combination of no border enforcement and increasing the number of government-dependent citizens (usurping 20% of the private sector economy) with the lowest worker participation rate since the Jimmy Carter era.

Two current, and glaring, examples is when President Obama opened up The White House to host Africa’s worst despots and dictators. Correctly described as the “Monster’s Ball.” But not by any of the U.S. media. Imagine the hopes of the poor Africans being dashed when they see the president of the United States having a dinner party with the people directly responsible for their misery.

Then there is 40,000 religious minorities (Christian and other non-Islam), that have been literally chased to a mountain top by ISIS in Iraq, where ISIS says they will either starve to death or come down and be shot to death, unless they agree to convert to Islam.  This is the same group that the world (and President Obama) watched roll unopposed into Iraq in convoys to take it over after our departure. The world also watched Obama refuse (by stalling) Iraq’s request for air strikes on ISIS at a time when it would have been most effective. After all that we accomplished and sacrificed there.

America’s response isn’t to use our air-power to clear out ISIS to free those people. Obama’s response is to air-drop food to them. And threaten to use force IF ISIS attacks any U.S. installations left in Iraq. Apparently, America is now OK with the genocide about to take place.

This is Obama’s America. Is this the new America? The America Michelle Obama can be proud of? There you have it. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


“Gun Control” Controls The Wrong People, Not Guns

If you need an example of how so-called “gun control” is ineffective in crime prevention, you need to look no further than the Ramsey Orta case. Orta is the 22 year-old thug who recorded the police takedown of Eric Garner, who died on the scene from the incident. Orta was caught stuffing a 25 cal. semiautomatic pistol in an accomplice’s waistband. Both were arrested on weapons charges and drug possession.

Orta is a two-time convicted felon and as such, is not allowed (by law) to buy or have a weapon. But that didn’t stop him from getting one that was reported stolen in Michigan seven years ago. Ramsey Orta’s record includes assault, robbery, unlawful gun possession, and threatening to kill someone with a gun.

Orta has a previous weapons conviction on his record which prohibits him from possessing a firearm. He is also facing previous charges for assault and robbery. He is due in court this month on robbery charges stemming from a May arrest and an assault charge from an arrest three days before Garner’s death, according to court records.

Looks like New York City has a catch and release program too!

Link: Ramsey Orta who filmed fatal NYPD chokehold arrested on gun charges

Obama’s Next Distraction, ‘we tortured some folks’

No. “We” did not torture some “folks.”

This was addressed seven years ago. And the pro-Islamists like Dick (Turban) Durbin, and then Senator Obama, who couldn’t fight a war on terror if their next welfare check depended on it, were calling “water boarding” torture. Not because it worked, but because it was the Bush administration that sought, and got, legal authorization to do it. And “it” was not deemed to be torture.

Having as his only mission to reverse everything Bush, and everything Republican, President Obama is still at it. But it might be politically useful to bring this up again (for the Obama-media) to distract the folks from his anti-immigration practices of not following immigration law he is supposed to be enforcing. And acting as Coyote-in-Chief. There is so much to be distracted from. High Black unemployment, shrinking median family incomes (especially on his core constituents), Obamacare’s broken promises, abuse and intimidation by the IRS, DOJ, BLM and EPA, Benghazi lies for political gain, etc.

Besides, the number of Islamic waste that were water boarded were three, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Abu Zabaydah, and Abd Al Rahim al-Nashiri. And they were terrorists, not “folks.” Folks are law-abiding citizens. Terrorists are terrorists.  Water boarding is water boarding.

Torture looks like this,

and this.















And it often ends up like this.

beheaded americanFor a look at what torture is like, just look at the torture manual used by our enemy. Waterboarding is a method of interrogation that appeals to the most basic of animal or human instinct, survival. It works. It is the only interrogation technique that a subject can walk to and walk away from with not so much as a mark on their body. The interrogatee can return to his cell to masturbate in front of the female guards, and go on to have a good night’s sleep. Unlike the pictures of what is real torture.

Obama’s faux concern over torture now is just another distraction.

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For Gaza, This War’s For You!

Weak-kneed politicians, like President Obama and Sec. of State John Kerry asking for Israel to cool it, are showing their ignorance and/or incompetence on the world stage where war is concerned. And casts doubt on how they might react if the United States was under attack like Israel has been. Leaving open borders already casts doubt on their idea of national security.

Recently, Joe Scarborough brought attention to himself on his ‘Morning Joe’ show for comments he made about Israel’s actions in Gaza. People, he said, just mis-understood what he meant. So he made it more clear yesterday.

He still contends that Israel is making their case (their case?) worse by fighting back. He’s forgotten what war is. Yes Virginia, wars still exist.

Yesterday he said . . .

Well, I think it’s simple enough but, Gene, let’s talk quickly about how Hamas, this is a great tragedy after the humanitarian crisis, Hamas, I saw some polls that said over 80 percent of people in Gaza hated Hamas, wanted them out. They were forced to strike a deal with the Palestinian authority. Egypt is against them. Saudi Arabia is against them. U.A.E. is against them. You go down the list. Jordan is against them. They were isolated. This is only serving to prop them back up and it’s the last thing in the long run that Israel needs.

Polls saying that 80% of people in Gaza “hate” Hamas belies the fact that, knowing Hamas’ goal of eliminating the Jewish State (Israel), those people in Gaza elected Hamas and put them in power.

As I recall, it was the PA that had an election there. It was the PA that also knew what Hamas was all about, and that the majority of people in Gaza were Hamas sympathizers. The PA knew what the outcome would be. They got what they expected. Which makes it simpler for Israel to deal with. They’re not responding to a radical minority, they’re reacting to an elected government that wants them all dead.

Gaza (Hamas) wages war on Israel, so Israel engages in war to defend themselves. In a war, civilians also pay the consequence. Besides Israel’s measured response, there are no “innocent civilians.” They are, by definition, Israel’s enemy.

How quickly we forget how hundreds of thousands, or millions, of people (innocent civilians) were killed during WWI and WWII. No one was bellyaching about “the children.”

There will never be peace in that region until one side wins, and the other side either gives up or dies trying.

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