Thad Cochran’s Twofer

Thad Cochran played Blacks in Mississippi like a fiddle, by playing the race card to disparage the tea party, and as an aside, to beat Chris McDaniel.


Learning from the Democrat playbook, he used the same tactics (and people) that they use. Emphasis on use. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Cochran campaign used Blacks by fomenting racism the same as Democrats.

Where identity politics goes, there’s no difference between establishment Republicans and Democrats any more. How’s that post-racial administration (that Obama campaigned on) working out?

There’s an opportunity here. Is it possible to use this example to persuade Blacks that their victimhood is self-imposed? That the Democrat party is not helping them by keeping them in a perpetual state of victim status. On the contrary. That kind of treatment, and incitement, is keeping them right where Democrats want them. On the Democrat plantation. It’s an opportunity to free them again.

Link: The Flier That Got Thad Cochran Elected? |  How Thad Cochran bounced back from disaster

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