Public School Admin, Teachers, Caught Cheating

In the order of ‘no good deed goes unpunished,’ the Atlanta public school system was found to be cheating on tests that beverly_hall_cheater_of_the_year2013are supposed to measure whether it met the federal No Child Left Behind law. Schools with good test scores get extra federal dollars to spend in the classroom or on teacher bonuses. What is meant to benefit the children, was abused and used and exploited by the school administration and teachers union employees.

Juwanna Guffie was sitting in her fifth-grade classroom taking a standardized test when, authorities say, the teacher came around offering information and asking the students to rewrite their answers. Juwanna rejected the help.

“I don’t want your answers, I want to take my own test,” Juwanna told her teacher, according to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard.

The ringleader in it all was Atlanta superintendent of public schools Beverly Hall. Ironically, Hall was the 2009 Superintendent of the Year at the American Association of School Administrators’ National Conference on Education in San Francisco.

The criminal investigation lasted 21 months and the allegations date back to 2005. In addition to Hall, 34 people were indicted: four high-level administrators, six principals; two assistant principals; six testing coordinators; 14 teachers; a school improvement specialist and a school secretary.

All of the people named in the indictment face conspiracy charges. Other charges in the 65-count indictment include false statements and writings, false swearing, theft and influencing witnesses.

When the children are supposed to be the priority in our public schools, Dr. Beverly Hall and 34 other so-called educators go a long way to make the case for school vouchers. It is union employees like those who need to be left behind. Not our children.

Link: 3 dozen indicted in Atlanta cheating scandal

Colorado School District Allows Firearms

It is amazing that allowing qualified people on a school campus to carry a concealed weapon should even be controversial. But the “gun free zone” hysteria makes it so. At least one school district in Colorado has the good sense to be responsible in protecting their campuses.

The seven-member school board in southwestern Colorado’s rural Dolores County voted unanimously in February to allow Ty Gray, principal of Dove Creek High School, and Superintendent Bruce Hankins to double as security officers, who under state law are allowed to carry guns on elementary, middle and high school campuses.

Link: Administrators Armed in W. Colo. School District

Fourth Vacation In Three Months

If taken on his word, you should be feeling that everyone that wanted a job now has one. And over 14 percent unemployment (U-6) is the new normal. That’s because President Obama told us how he would not rest until that was done.

He has been under a lot of criticism for his many vacations and golf outings over the course of his first term. Living the high life while people are losing their jobs and moving back home with their parents. His second term isn’t any better. In fact, it’s worse. It is this “in your face” arrogance that Barack and Michelle have exhibited that reminded me of a term that I had not thought of or heard said in a long time, while The White House (the people’s house) has to be closed for lack of money, that seems to fit this President.

I consulted the urban dictionary on this and half expected to see Obama’s picture there. For all who are quick to yell “racist,” you should know that this term is not race-specific. It describes the behavior, not the skin color. They, by any way you want to measure it, come in all colors. OK?

Links: Urban Dictionary, Nigger Rich  | The First Family enjoys FOURTH vacation in three months

Education “Cost” Just Went Up

If you think increasing spending on education is just “for the children,” you would be mistaken. No oldschool_teachermatter what the figure you see published about the spending per student is, you can add about $1000 to that, per student, if you include teachers pensions. Regardless of whether they are funded or unfunded. Can you say “transparency?”


Link: Revealing What States Are Hiding

aSide Order

First Amendment Not For Everyone

Your First Amendment rights don’t mean much in Gaines Township, Michigan. Authorities there said that Vern Verduin, a cattle farmer who believes that President Obama’s political goals are destructive and inconsistent with American values, can’t put his trailer on his land with this message. More here.


The Left’s Attack On Dr. Ben Carson Begins

Aside from exhibiting the denial that Blacks in America are not all cut from the dependent role that Democrats expect them to play, like not straying from the Democrat Plantation, this race baiter, Touré Neblett on MSNBC, chooses to demagogue the Tide of God. Carson’s point was not whether Tide is regressive, but that in principle, everyone have some skin in the game.

And how do you like the attachment of Dr. Carson to Republicans by this Touré character? I have yet to hear Carson declare his political party affiliation. It’s true that he is being courted by conservatives to run for elected office. But all Dr. Ben Carson has been talking about are issues, problems, and his thoughts on how best to solve them, all in a non-political and common sense way. Touré’s attack is evidence enough that Democrats are feeling threatened by Dr. Carson. It’s the Chicago way to politically eliminate threats like him ASAP, which is what Touré (on NBC) is attempting to do here.

Where ‘flat’ taxes are concerned, the FairTax, although flat, is NOT regressive. But to say he is wrong about flat taxes being regressive might, in some corners of the far Left, qualify me for being racist. Oh well. Who is it playing the race card here?


Most Effective Rape Whistle

How Much Pain Do You Want? Update 3/23/2013

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of economists that will tell you that if you want to see where we are headed if we don’t fix our cyprusw2-webfiscal house, all you have to do is look at Greece, Europe, and the EU. Just as many will also tell you that the “fix” for our exploding national debt and debt to GDP ratio will be harder to swallow the longer we wait for this “not immediate” crisis to become immediate.

How hard? Let’s look at what Cyprus is considering for their $7.5 billion EU bailout. They want to dip in to the checking accounts of depositors, charging them a tax on their insured deposits. Can you say “run on banks?”

Cypriot banks are holding $88 billion in deposits, including $49 billion in accounts of more than 100,000 euros. A “huge amount” for a country of 1.1 million people. Many of the biggest depositors are foreigners, including rich Russians, (Russian Mob money). President Putin is not happy about it.

Do you believe something like that could not happen here? Right now, there are ‘tax and spenders’ trying to figure out how they can get away with a “wealth tax.” Others have their eyes on your 401K and other retirement plans. Cyprus has their version. Don’t think for a minute that something like this isn’t on Mr. Fair-Share-Redistribution-of-Wealth-Social-Justice Obama’s mind. Why else would he say we don’t have a spending problem and instead have a revenue (not-enough-taxes) problem?

As part of the EU’s bailout, here’s what Cyprus is considering . . .

Those with under 100,000 Euros in their accounts are slated to receive a 6.6% haircut while those with more than 100,000 Euros in their accounts will be docked 9.9%.

Europeans know that the welfare state they made for themselves has become unsustainable. The fix for them now is causing rioting in the streets. There aren’t too many Americans still alive that remember the run on banks and the depression that followed. But if we’re not careful, if we don’t turn this ship around, we have a good chance of seeing history repeat itself.

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Tale Of Two Cowards, Obama & Boehner

Fascinating interview this on the March 17, 2013 edition of ABC’s “This Week” with House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), on two counts. boehner_obamaFirst is the headline, “House Speaker John Boehner says he ‘absolutely’ trusts Obama, trying to bridge differences.” I guess the qualifier is the “trying to bridge differences” part. But I’d really like to hear Boehner define that in his own words. For example, what basis do you have to trust President Obama after he said that the Affordable Care Act would not add one dime to the deficit and to the national debt? It was the president himself who said that he would not sign the Affordable Care Act if it would add a dime to the deficit. That’s just two examples, but there is a laundry list of similar cases where the words are 180 degrees from reality. Just where does this basis of trust come from Mr. Boehner?

Next in the theater-of-the-ridiculous is that Obama and Boehner agree that the country doesn’t have an immediate debt crisis. Boehner says a debt crisis does loom in the years ahead because entitlement programs are not sustainable if they aren’t changed. Once again, I guess it all depends on what the meaning of “immediate” is. The Associated Press apparently doesn’t have a clue, or independent thought on the subject either. They just report what “some conservatives” say. What it means to each of these two is the crisis won’t happen until I’m out of office (if not Speakership) so it may as well not exist. It also means that they, unlike House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, don’t have the balls intestinal fortitude to tackle the problem before it becomes a crisis. When the fix will be more painful. The lack of leadership in both of them is astounding. I am reminded of a line that James Carville said about then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and candidate Obama; ‘if Hillary gave [Obama] one of her balls, they’d both have two.’