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First Amendment Not For Everyone

Your First Amendment rights don’t mean much in Gaines Township, Michigan. Authorities there said that Vern Verduin, a cattle farmer who believes that President Obama’s political goals are destructive and inconsistent with American values, can’t put his trailer on his land with this message. More here.


The Left’s Attack On Dr. Ben Carson Begins

Aside from exhibiting the denial that Blacks in America are not all cut from the dependent role that Democrats expect them to play, like not straying from the Democrat Plantation, this race baiter, Touré Neblett on MSNBC, chooses to demagogue the Tide of God. Carson’s point was not whether Tide is regressive, but that in principle, everyone have some skin in the game.

And how do you like the attachment of Dr. Carson to Republicans by this Touré character? I have yet to hear Carson declare his political party affiliation. It’s true that he is being courted by conservatives to run for elected office. But all Dr. Ben Carson has been talking about are issues, problems, and his thoughts on how best to solve them, all in a non-political and common sense way. Touré’s attack is evidence enough that Democrats are feeling threatened by Dr. Carson. It’s the Chicago way to politically eliminate threats like him ASAP, which is what Touré (on NBC) is attempting to do here.

Where ‘flat’ taxes are concerned, the FairTax, although flat, is NOT regressive. But to say he is wrong about flat taxes being regressive might, in some corners of the far Left, qualify me for being racist. Oh well. Who is it playing the race card here?


Most Effective Rape Whistle