Smaller Government Wins 2 to 1

You would never know it by listening to what comes out of The White House or the President’s mouth. But, according to this Washingtonbudget_cuts Post / ABC News poll, cutting government spending is exactly what a vast majority of Americans want.

You can tell it pains the WaPo to say exactly what’s in their poll, because they don’t. You have to look at the graphic to see that not only do most “adults” support a five percent across the board cut in federal spending 61 to 33 percent, but they also oppose an eight percent cut in defense spending by a 60 to 34 percent margin. And those numbers reflect Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

What the Post says in print is “Some 55 percent of liberal Democrats also back the eight percent slashing of the U.S. military budget included in the sequester.” That falls in line with the administration’s liberal bent. But in its entirety, the poll shows that the American people support the exact opposite of what Barack Obama is doing.


h/t Rush Limbaugh, “We are not on the losing side when it comes to the majority of thinking in this country.”

Link: Cut government spending? Sure….in theory.