Fourth Vacation In Three Months

If taken on his word, you should be feeling that everyone that wanted a job now has one. And over 14 percent unemployment (U-6) is the new normal. That’s because President Obama told us how he would not rest until that was done.

He has been under a lot of criticism for his many vacations and golf outings over the course of his first term. Living the high life while people are losing their jobs and moving back home with their parents. His second term isn’t any better. In fact, it’s worse. It is this “in your face” arrogance that Barack and Michelle have exhibited that reminded me of a term that I had not thought of or heard said in a long time, while The White House (the people’s house) has to be closed for lack of money, that seems to fit this President.

I consulted the urban dictionary on this and half expected to see Obama’s picture there. For all who are quick to yell “racist,” you should know that this term is not race-specific. It describes the behavior, not the skin color. They, by any way you want to measure it, come in all colors. OK?

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Education “Cost” Just Went Up

If you think increasing spending on education is just “for the children,” you would be mistaken. No oldschool_teachermatter what the figure you see published about the spending per student is, you can add about $1000 to that, per student, if you include teachers pensions. Regardless of whether they are funded or unfunded. Can you say “transparency?”


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