Dionne Warwick Declares Bankruptcy

Another celebrity not paying their fair share.dionne_warwick

Dionne Warwick, the singer and actress who was a regular at the top of the Billboard chart for four decades, owes more than $10 million in back taxes and has only $10 left at the end of each month after paying expenses, according to a petition filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New Jersey last week.

Link: Singer Dionne Warwick declares bankruptcy citing $10M in back taxes

Colorado School District Allows Firearms

It is amazing that allowing qualified people on a school campus to carry a concealed weapon should even be controversial. But the “gun free zone” hysteria makes it so. At least one school district in Colorado has the good sense to be responsible in protecting their campuses.

The seven-member school board in southwestern Colorado’s rural Dolores County voted unanimously in February to allow Ty Gray, principal of Dove Creek High School, and Superintendent Bruce Hankins to double as security officers, who under state law are allowed to carry guns on elementary, middle and high school campuses.

Link: Administrators Armed in W. Colo. School District