Obama’s Next Straw Man Argument For Gun Control

President Obama made his argument today like this, “We don’t want our police to be out gunned.” Well, who could disagree with that? Especially when I’ve seen police with full auto weapons, shotguns, and multiple magazines. But that’s not the problem. Thugs aren’t going around robbing and shooting police.

The community organizer won’t acknowledge that law-abiding Americans don’t want to be out gunned by criminals. That, and Americans don’t want the least competent entity in our lives, the federal government, taking away our choice and in fact making our choice for us, as to what kind of firearms and capability that we feel we need to keep our family and property safe.

Where my and my family’s safety and property are concerned, I’m pro-choice. Ironically, the federal government is pro-choice when it comes to taking lives, but not for saving lives.

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