Thoughts, 2013 State Of The Union Speech


The day after the President gave his SOTU speech, and after having watched it, my favorite R&B radio station’s facebook page, WDAS-FM, posed the question “What do you think?” about it. What follows is what I thought about it. Your mileage may vary.

Pretty much the same SOTU speech he’s made every year for the last 4 years. The relevant question is, or should be, have you seen any of his promises come to fruition yet?

Still says creating jobs is top priority, domestic oil production a top priority, so-called green energy a top priority. Reducing the debt a top priority. That $785 billion stimulus bill was to go for infrastructure. That was 3 yrs ago. None of any of that has happened. He repeated all of it over again last night. He didn’t spend it last time on what he “said” it was supposed to be for. What makes anyone think he’ll keep his word this time?

He said that the Affordable Care Act would reduce premiums, you could keep your doctor, and that it wouldn’t cost a dime more, and that it would by itself reduce the national debt. None of that happened.

Last nights speech was more govt. programs with no explanation as to how it would be paid for, IE. more debt. He also said that none of those programs would cost a dime more, would not add to the debt. How gullible does he think we, you, are?

I thought his slipping in the statement that not only should min. wage be increased, but the goal should be that it also be a “living wage.” All sounds good. But in reality, it will make unemployment worse everywhere. And in urban areas like Washington DC, black youth unemployment is over 50%. That number is 40.5% in Philly. So ask yourself people, do you see positive results for the over $6 trillion in debt that he himself has created so far? Other than growing the government that is.

And do you know that through the rest of his second term, he expects to increase the debt by an additional trillion dollars each year?

I think his focus should be 180 degrees from where it is now. If he knew how to stimulate the economy, we would see prices go back down for gas, utilities, food, health care. All that. And employment go up. You and your families, everyone, would have a job and their dollar would go further like it used to. Looking to increase a min wage is to accept all the inflated prices as the “new normal.” And to accept the govt as our caretaker.

You think things are expensive now, wait to see how expensive it will be when it’s free.