President, And Congress Fails

If one of the main duties of the President is to prepare the federal budget with the approval of Congress, and he doesn’t, then who or what holds him accountable to do his basic duty and responsibility? And I’m not even talking about protecting and defending the Constitution. That’s another subject.

A household makes a budget, a business makes a budget, the country has made budgets up until the Obama administration. So why does Congress continue to pass Continuing Resolutions instead of insisting on a budget that Congress can pass?

Is it too much to ask that the President do his job? How about this for a solution, don’t pass anything else until a budget passes Congress. Zip, zero, nada. They can bellyache all they want about draconian BS and the sky is falling rhetoric. If he has to be forced to do his job, then so be it. What’s wrong with that?

A lack of leadership at the top does not excuse everyone below. All of them took the same oath.

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