Empty Oval Office

Remember how gruff and disrespectful the Clint Eastwood bit was at the RNC? I don’t either. It was a reflection of reality. A reality of an empty suit in The White House was parodied as the empty chair. And it wasn’t even a stretch.

Do you remember a national crisis where Americans were attacked and killed, like our Libyan Embassy people on Sept 11, when the American people were not addressed personally by the President on TV from the Oval Office within minutes if not hours of the event? I don’t.

Empty Desk!
Together again. The empty chair and desk.

It’s been thirteen days since the terrorist attack on our people and the president is still MIA. But he did characterize the 9/11 attacks as a foreign policy ‘bump in the road.’

Candidate Obama is the one who promised that he could change the hearts and minds of Islamic terrorists with his ‘new direction’ in foreign policy. The reality is that this direction is nothing new, where Barack Obama is concerned.

His ‘new direction’ alienates allies and emboldens our enemies. President Obama is merely doing in foreign policy what he is accustomed to do in law policies. This is his national security version of voting ‘present.’

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