Contraception, Democrats’ Next Entitlement Program

Did you happen to see the 30 yr old college (over $40,000/yr) student confess in front of a bunch of Nancy Pelosi news cameras, that she is so sexually active that she is going broke over her cost for contraceptives. It’s so bad, she said she spends $1,000/yr. for her contraception needs.

As unbelievable as that may sound, I mean, condoms are free for the asking at the county health department, Planned Parenthood, and anywhere else. And I’m told that a month’s supply of birth control pills is $5 at Wal-Mart.

So no! This isn’t about the cost or availability of contraceptives. This is about an ever-growing government dictating to insurance companies what insurance companies must cover, if not give away. You remember seeing that power granted the federal government in the Constitution, don’t you?

It also represents the next entitlement program coming out of The White House.

The problem with this whole made-up controversy, well, aside from it being a made-up controversy, is that its intent is to make women fear Republicans. You know, scare them onto the Democratic plantation. Says a lot about their character doesn’t it? It’s what community organizers do.

I’ve got the solution to this problem. It is, by nature, the conservative alternative relative to this issue. Rather than heaping on more government, and smaller everything else, the conservative alternative would solve the problem. And do it totally in the private sector. And it requires no government money-laundering bureaucracy to run it.

Three words, ‘bring your protection.’

Those three words alone can save that women $1,000 a year. Which might be well spent in counselling. Doesn’t say much for the success of the Women’s Movement. Be your own woman. Responsible for your own self. Now we have a 30 yr. old whining for the government (you and me via our taxes) to force private companies and religious institutions to do something that they may not want to do, that is free or practically free anywhere else.

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