Dems Message For Food Stamp Recipients: Eat Less, part 2

The sequel to this post from four months ago was played out today, when President Obama signed into law a bill called the ‘Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.’ It is curious why the AP writer of this story did not offer up the name of the bill he signed and instead felt it necessary to justify it in her headline.’

In this audio capture of ABC News radio today. ABC’s spin on it is ‘It’s not costing anything.’ Well, not really ABC. What he said was it was fully paid for. I suppose that’s what they mean by a ‘free lunch.’ And dinner.

President Obama said ‘It won’t add a dime to the deficit. Some of the funding comes from rolling back a temporary increase in food stamp benefits. . .’

Audio clip from ABC News: Michelle’s feed the kids program

So where does the rest of it come from? The food stamp program.

So the self-proclaimed champions of the poor, the less fortunate, the working people, who continually whine about Republicans legislating on ‘the backs of’ the working people are actually taking food ‘from the mouths of’ the hungry.

One might ask, why can’t the president find a way to ‘pay for’ extending unemployment compensation?

Link: Obama: Nutrition bill vital to children’s future

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