Obama’s Tax Package Challenges Media

This is just so rich in Obama-speak that I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with that, for the last 10 years, Democrats, including President Obama, have been harping on George Bush and the ‘Bush tax cuts,’ which are to expire at the end of this month. They accused Bush of ‘lining the pockets of the rich on the backs of the poor.’ That’s their class warfare game. Nothing new with that. And for the last year running up to the mid-term election, Obama has said repeatedly that he and the Democrat majority we’re ‘looking forward.’ We’re not going back to ‘the failed policies of the past.’ You with me so far?

Not sure if the President is living in Fantasy Land, or if he thinks the American people are, but President Obama just said the tax-cut deal he negotiated with Republicans will determine whether the nation’s economy ‘moves forward or backward.’

Obama is only giving the appearance that he understands that raising taxes during a recession is counterproductive to growing the economy and creating jobs. And that cutting taxes are actually stimulative to economic and job growth. Trust me on this, he is not capable of that level of economic understanding. He understands two things, he needs to get re-elected in two years, and he wants you to think that he now ‘gets it.’ Improving the economy is not what he wants. If it was, he would not have spent two years of over-reaching into redistributing, spending, and borrowing other people’s money.

This President would like us to believe that his extending of the current tax rates are tax cuts, when they are not. They are a continuation of the current tax rates, instead of tax increases when they expire. He also wants us to believe that he is doing this in order to move the economy forward. Further, he says it has the potential to create millions of jobs. He also said if it fails, Americans would see smaller paychecks and it would result in fewer jobs. Still with me?

Keeping the current tax rates on a temporary basis just maintains the FUD factor and kicks any economic recovery further on down the road. It won’t create an investment climate, especially when the only job category that is showing signs of an increase is in the government sector, adding to our overhead. The fact is, under the current tax system, we have lost millions of jobs since President Obama took office two years ago. And now, he wants you to believe that this same tax system has the potential to create millions of jobs. What he is doing is setting us up for failure.

Why would the President want to set us up for failure you ask? So in two years time, when he wants to be re-elected, he can say ‘hey, I tried it their way and it doesn’t work.’ Our community organizer President cares more about political expediency than the welfare of our economy and the American people.

The challenge for the legacy media is this, how can we now support the President on what we have demagogued for the last ten years?

Link: Obama: Tax deal could yield ‘millions of jobs’

WikiLeaks Vindicates Bush, What?

The WikiLeaks de facto declassification of privileged material makes it case closed: Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction — and intended to restart his program once the heat was off.

President George W. Bush, in the 2003 State of the Union address, uttered the infamous “16 words”: “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

Former Ambassador Joe Wilson sprang into action and, in an op-ed piece, in effect wrote, “No, the Cheney administration sent me to investigate the allegation — and I found it without merit.”

I never doubted for a moment what Saddam Hussein’s intentions were, or that he did exactly what Bush and the British government said he did. And I credit Ted Kennedy (D-MA) for being the first to politicize the war effort. And, the rest is history.

Link: The WikiLeaks Vindication of George W. Bush – Larry Elder – Townhall Conservative.