2011 Mummers Parade On The Internet

Just received word from WPHL-TV 17 in Philly. They plan on webcasting the major categories on a 1-hour delay like they did last year. That worked out pretty well last year.

In a message from Trevis Brower, Manager of Promotions & Production at PHL, he said . . .

Ross, the parade will be clipped out on myphl17.com on an approximate 1 hour delay.  You will be able to see the performances of the comics, fancies, string bands, and fancy brigades as individual clips on our Mummers players.

Or you can like us on Facebook and receive updates on when the individual performances are uploaded to the site.  Thanks for watching.

Merry Christmas y’all (that’s the southern lingo) or yooze guys, and Happy New Year. Will be watching the Mummers with you, wherever you are.

Order of march for the Mummers parade:

1. Pennsport
2. Fralinger
3. Woodland
4. Broomall
5. South Philadelphia
6. Durning
7. Greater Kensington
8. Aqua
9. Polish American
11. Uptown
12 .Hegeman
13. Duffy
14. Quaker City
15. Avalon
16. Greater Overbrook
17. Ferko

Link: WPHL-TV 17 Mummers Parade