Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Turns 50

After checking out The White House blog’s piece about ANWR’s 50th anniversary, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful picture they put up at the boundary of the coastal plain.

So it seems  it is time to resurrect my ANWR Refuge 101 post again. Just so you won’t be mis-informed on the subject of oil exploration in ANWR and exactly where it would occur.

Picture from The White House Blog:

Caribou in the Arctic Refuge coastal plain, with the Brooks Range mountains in the background to the south. (by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

This is the coastal plain, the place designated for oil exploration. ANWR Coastal Plain

And this is the coastal plain in the spring.

Coastal Plain in ANWR

Link: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Turns 50 | The White House.

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