Mainstream Media Breaks New Ground

The Associated Press is breaking new ground in journalism. If you pay attention to news and the news media, you are already conditioned to the method the legacy media uses to frame their bias; how they put good spin on a bad event, or bad spin on a good event, by employing the ‘more (less) than expected’ phrase.

But I’m at a loss to figure this one out. This is new.

Referring to an interview with the chief economic figure in the government, the AP makes this assessment . . .

[F]ollowing the closing of the annual session of the party-dominated national legislature, which earlier Sunday approved a blueprint to keep government spending high, though at half the rate of last year, to buffer any economic turbulence.

Can someone, anyone, explain this ‘analysis’ for me?

The bias here is in favor of government spending, which happens to be the M.O. of  economically-illiterate bleeding-heart Liberals. Otherwise, one would expect to see something like ‘draconian cuts in welfare programs.’ That there was no perspective given to either the dollar amount or the ‘rate’ also serves to obfuscate what the real news is, that government spending can be harmful to your economic health.

Maybe it is because the subject of the story is Premier Wen Jiabao of Communist China?

There are other important issues raised in this AP piece, like the global economy showing signs of unraveling (see The State Of The Welfare State), but this one kind of blew me away.

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