Obama, Tea Party Core Group On The Fringe?

Commenting about tea partiers and what has become a spontaneous tea party movement, President Obama is of the opinion that the tea party movement stems from a core group that is on the fringe. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Actually, if he were speaking about the Progressives and that movement that helped get him elected, he would be more correct. The Moveon.org’ers, the KOS’acks. Those are the ones who lay claim to Obama’s election, and they are anything but mainstream democrats, let alone mainstream Americans.

Obama calls them an outgrowth of a core fringe. The AP calls them a  leaderless coalition, born in communities from coast to coast shortly after Obama’s inauguration last year. One that seems to have some staying power. And Progressive talk radio calls them a product of big business, the Republican party, and the Chamber of Commerce. What? There’s your fringe.

Granted that there are fringers at both ends of the political spectrum. But the tea party movement was not born from them. The phenomenon now known as ‘the tea party movement’ was born out of the love of this country by Americans of both parties and their desire to thwart Obama’s desire to fundamentally change it. That, and the desire to not burden future generations of Americans with insurmountable debt in the process.  Fundamental change like government control of one private sector industry after another is also high on the tea partiers’ disapproval list.

The tea partiers reject the notion that President Obama is America’s new founding father, and believe that he is taking the country in the wrong direction. If Democrats are looking for a way to effectively deal with the tea party movement, they might consider turning this ship around.

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