The President Berates Health Insurance Industry

If it were not for the words ‘American’ and ‘Congress’ in this quote, one might think it this quote came out of the mouth of a dictator like Hugo Chavez. But no, these are the words of a community organizer on the campaign trail, who has made the health insurance industry (that makes a profit margin of 3-4%) a demon to be run out of town. Problem is, it is also the words of the President of the United States.

At the heart of this debate is the question of whether we’re going to accept a system that works better for the insurance companies than it does for the American people — (applause) — because if this vote fails, the insurance industry will continue to run amok. They will continue to deny people coverage. They will continue to deny people care. They will continue to jack up premiums 40 or 50 or 60 percent as they have in the last few weeks without any accountability whatsoever. They know this. And that’s why their lobbyists are stalking the halls of Congress as we speak, and pouring millions of dollars into negative ads. And that’s why they are doing everything they can to kill this bill.

That, coupled with the lies like this, is simply disgraceful.

Now, the third thing that this legislation does is it brings down the cost of health care for families and businesses and the federal government. (Applause.) Americans who are buying comparable coverage in the individual market would end up seeing their premiums go down 14 to 20 percent. (Applause.) Americans who get their insurance through the workplace, cost savings could be as much as $3,000 less per employer than if we do nothing. Now, think about that. That’s $3,000 your employer doesn’t have to pay, which means maybe she can afford to give you a raise.

Another of his bullet points, which are not true in the long run . . .

If you like your doctor, you’re going to be able to keep your doctor. If you like your plan, keep your plan. I don’t believe we should give government or the insurance companies more control over health care in America. I think it’s time to give you, the American people, more control over your health.

None of that will happen. What will happen is what he is not saying. Which is that this legislation will lead to the end of the private insurance industry and the birth of a single-payer system. Which will give the government control over the American people regarding their health care. Which, by the way, is his only objective. Other consequences are higher premiums and fines imposed on Americans, higher taxes, fewer doctors, more government dependents, longer waiting periods, government rationing (as opposed to you making your own rationing choices) of health care, and a health care system comparable to those in Europe or Canada.

If the plan was so good, it would have public support and Congressmen would not have to have their arms twisted or bribes made in order to ‘gain’ their vote.

His favorite lie of the whole campaign is how, the Cornhusker Kickback was removed. Fact is, it wasn’t. Instead, they are extending the same welfare subsidy to all the states rather than taking the one for Nebraska out. And this is going to lower costs? Pass the pixie dust please.

Does this look presidential to you?

Is it just me or do you get the impression that he doesn’t know how to sit at his desk in the oval office and calmly explain to the American people exactly what it is he wants to do, how much it will cost, and how he intends to do it? He should also be held accountable to explain why passing this legislation by deeming it passed is appropriate.

Bret Baier asked him about that process and Obama blew it off. So much as to say that the end justifies the means.

What was in that oath again? I recall it saying something about protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States.