A Mind-numb Robot And CNN

After the Brown-Coakley debate last week, Martha Coakley went to Washington to attend fundraisers by fat cat lobbyists from the health care industry.  While republican challenger Scott Brown’s campaign received over a million dollars from Americans giving under $80 each.

Forget what that picture looks like, because CNN didn’t bother to mention that Brown seems to have real grassroots support. But lets recall that it was a large number of small contributors that financed the Obama campaign, in addition to big contributions from big labor, big law, and Wall St..

No, the story here is  CNN carrying the water for Coakley, Democrats, and Obamacare in the way they present this story.

Massachusetts Republicans wasted little time Wednesday criticizing Democrat Martha Coakley for attending a fundraiser one week before Bay State voters elect a successor to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

CNN is incapable of reporting what Coakley is doing. Instead, they report it as something Republicans are accusing her of doing.  Somehow, they can’t find a way to criticize her on their own. Something they would have no hesitation or reservation in doing if she were an R instead of a D.

When the media watchdog becomes a mind-numb robot by circling the wagons around hypocrisy, to help a political candidate, it’s safe to say that the media watchdog has died.

Link: CNN:Republicans criticize Coakley for attending DC fundraiser

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