It's Simple, Not This Way

CNN is in mourning. Chris Matthews is puzzled why Brown won when he campaigned on being the 41st vote against Obamacare. But it’s real simple. The people of Massachusetts, like the majority of Americans, don’t like Obama’s version of health care reform. It’s not that they don’t want health care reform.

They know how expensive their own state health care system is. They know Obamacare will be worse. Brown didn’t run on no health care reform, he ran on stopping Obama’s version. He ran on stopping the secrecy, the payoffs, and the takeovers.

Obama got a lot of support from Independents in his run for The White House. The people in Massachusetts have had a chance to see how Obama has governed with arrogance, and now realize that that’s not what they voted for. This time, they’re voting for change once again. You could call it buyer’s remorse.

Question now is, will Obama have the audacity and the arrogance to stay on the same path, or will he, like Bill Clinton, do his best to do the people’s business, instead of that of his ideological far-left base?

Now, anyone can answer the question that was asked in January and February. Will Obama and Democrats overreach? The people in Massachusetts answered that with a resounding YES.

link: In epic upset, GOP’s Brown wins Mass. Senate race

Why Economic Recovery Is About Taxes

Had a liberal encounter of the tax kind the other day. Addressing the Left’s refusal (or possibly inability) to understand why increasing taxes are not the way to go if you want to stimulate economic activity. It started over a proponent of the administration’s taxing those financial institutions that had paid back the ‘bailout’ money that they were given.

In the liberal mindset, if you oppose that, then you’re in the pocket of Wall St.. Forgetting for a moment the Robin Hood aspect of the tax, and the unequal application of the tax, I answered that logic with a short quiz. The guy’s, or girl’s, name was Anonymous.

Anon. Below are some multiple choice questions to consider.

Income is generated by:

1. Private enterprise

2. Government

Along the same line. The money that government gets via taxes comes from:

1. Private enterprise

2. Government

When government takes money out of the private sector via taxes, what effect does it have?

1. Takes money from their business.

2. Puts money into their business.

The economy is boosted when:

1. The government takes money out of the economy via taxes and spends it as it sees fit.

2. The government leaves as much money as possible in the private sector to be used by the private sector to spend as it sees fit.

Money generated by businesses belongs to:

1. The business owners and investors.

2. The government.


Capitalism pays for Socialism: T/F

Depending on how you answer these questions should explain why it is always taxes, taxes, taxes that effect, either negatively or positively, economic activity, AND whether the form of economic system you prefer is free-market capitalism or some form of socialist/fascist amalgamation.

If you prefer the latter, then there is this thing called the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that must first be abolished.