Obama All Around The Edges Of The War On Terror

The President made some progress in verbalizing the war that we’re in against Islamic extremism. In his stunning (not really) speech about the panty-bomber, he had to finally admit that we are at war outside of Iraq and Afghanistan.

But, despite using the war term, he is still content on handling it as a law enforcement instead of a military issue.

He fell short by naming al-Qaeda as our enemy. In reality, the enemy is much wider than al-Qaeda. It consists 100% of Islamic extremists who bastardize the religion of Islam as an excuse to rule the world by killing non-believers. al-Qaeda is merely the tip of the spear.

If he were to get serious, he would use the M word, as in Muslim extremists, to correctly characterize our enemy. And they are not only our enemy. They are the enemy of the rest of the civilized world. We all know that not all Muslims are the enemy. But we also know that Muslim extremists are the enemy. Period.

His  Political Correctness infection projects his weakness and vulnerability in effectively prosecuting this war. The enemy is laughing at him in their caves and safe houses all over Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Indonesia, and Dearbornistan.

To get serious, he needs to call a spade a spade. He needs to change his tactic of using the Justice Department and the civilian criminal justice system to deal with captured terrorists.

Using his Justice Department to prosecute our CIA for doing their best has, no doubt, played a part in what Obama calls the ‘systemic failure’ that led to the  attack on flight 253.  CNN described it as a ‘failed attack.’ Take off the blinders.  In fact, it was a successful attack. By the grace of God and passengers on board, what failed was the detonation of the bomb.

He was right to say that the buck stops with him. But labeling it as a systemic failure is what he must do to avoid holding anyone accountable with their job.

He could start by removing the current head of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano,  who said that the system worked perfectly. (a Brownie/Bush flashback from Katrina) Her credentials for the Cabinet position of Director of Homeland Security include representing Anita Hill in the harassment case to prevent Clarance Thomas from ascending to the Supreme Court. And becoming Arizona Attorney General in 1998, she focused on consumer protection issues and improving general law enforcement. Are we beginning to see why she was Obama’s pick for the position now? I don’t know about you, but I look at consumer protection and homeland security differently.

Obama needs to maintain Club Gitmo as the repository for the captured terrorists, under military control and within the military tribunal justice system. Those on the Left, including Obama, say that Gitmo has to be closed because it serves as a recruiting tool for the enemy. So what. Our being alive serves as a recruiting tool for the enemy, so they need to get over it. Here’s a clue, Obama ran on the platform of closing Gitmo and giving that dog squeeze the protection of our Constitution.  Two weeks ago, Northwest Airlines flight 253 was nearly incinerated. Maybe al-Qaeda didn’t get the memo? News flash: Club Gitmo wasn’t open when al-Qaeda bombed the USS Cole, or the World Trade Center (both times), or the Kobar Towers in the eighties and nineties.

Obama now admits we are at war. As our Commander In Chief, it’s  about time he grows a spine and acts like it.