Shucking And Jiving In Washington

The contortions and obfuscations of facts and history as relates to this administration and its attempt to railroad health care  legislation upon all of America is laughable. Well, it would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

What’s worse is how the media gives it all a pass. Unfortunately for America, the media watchdog died last year.

Events of the last two days epitomize the shucking and jiving I’m talking about.

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, for two days in a row, refused to reconcile the barring of C-SPAN from these final and all important deliberations to show the American people the openness that Obama promised when he was a candidate. Obama said on eight occasions he would use C-SPAN cameras ‘so the American people can see what the choices are.’ But Gibbs did it by saying he already answered the question and, that there has been a lot of open discussions. See the transcripts HERE. They’re out of this world.

Then there is the response of Speaker Pelosi, when asked about President Obama’s rejection of C-SPAN’s specific request and his promise to use C-SPAN while on the campaign trail and in Presidential debates. She flat-out laughed in the reporter’s, and your face. Saying ‘There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail.’ And it gets better, or worse. She adds ‘there’s never been a more open process.’ What was impressive about that statement is that she said it with a straight face.

No doubt the administration is circling the wagons here. Betraying the public trust is not a trivial matter.  Question is, are we seeing acts of desperation, or is the Democratic leadership showing its true colors?

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