CNN Off Of Dish Network

Candy Crowley, Anderson Cooper, and other CNN faces are not available now to 14 million Dish Network customers thanks to a carriage dispute.

“Thank You” carriage dispute!  What this means to CNN is that their cable ratings are (like MSNBC) down to friends and relatives. What this means to me is I’ll have to find another network “cold shower” to look at now that Candy Crowley isn’t available.

Link: CNN, Cartoon Network, TruTV off Dish TV over carriage dispute

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One thought on “CNN Off Of Dish Network”

  1. NOW, FoxNews and Fox Business are off of Dish Network. For the same reason. That sucks, since I do enjoy seeing the news that the other networks either don’t carry or don’t carry to the extent that all sides of a given issue are given.

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