Weather Channel Morning Show Bests CNN, MSNBC

For the week of 10/6/2014, Al Roker’s morning show on the Weather Channel, had higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC.

‘Morning Joe’ has been shedding viewers for about a year. ‘New Day’ is shaping up to be one of television’s all-time titanic disasters. In other words, it’s not that Al Roker’s numbers are so high, it’s that CNN’s and MSNBC’s numbers are so low.

Overall, this is another sign of the slow-motion fall of left-wing cable news network. For its part, MSNBC is nothing more than left-wing talk radio with pictures.

Right-on analogy . Two left-wing talkers you can see on MSNBC are Ed Shultz and Mike Papantonio. There’s plenty of company at the bottom of the barrel.

Speaking of the bottom of the barrel. Here’s a left-wing talker you’ve probably never heard of, unless you venture into Mike Papantonio’s  Ring of Fire website. They’re really two peas in a pod. His name is Mike Malloy. Here’s a sample of his work.


Link: Weather Channel Morning Show Bests CNN, MSNBC.