$300 Million Says As Much About Landrieu

For Sen. Mary Landrieu ( D-LA) to allow Sen. Reid to buy her vote, with $300 million, for a bill that will amount to the government takeover of one sixth of the American private sector economy, says as much about her as the Senator that propositioned her.

Only now we know her price.

The ‘everybody does it’ defense doesn’t wash with this case. No. Everybody does not put ‘the size and role of government and the management of our freedom and liberty to live in America as we know it’ on the line when they take some payola for their district.  They are risking a lot less in what might later prove to be a bad decision than what Sen. Landrieu put on the line last Saturday night. Sen. Byrd (D-WV) would not have done what Landrieu did.

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