The Crist – Obama Political Dilemma

Hot topic in Florida politics is Gov Charlie Crist, that well-tanned guy with bright smile. Not so much for his collusion with the RPOF to derail his challenger for the senate seat, but for his attempt to re-write history in his support for Obama’s so-called economic stimulus bill and subsequent loss of support. Editors on the Gulf Coast say Crist should ‘man up,’ quit pretending, and ponder what he needs to do to stop his slide in the polls.

It is demonstrative of what happens when a ‘leader’ is politically driven, instead of driven by core principles, always measuring the effects of a decision on a political bloc instead of just doing what you believe to be right.

President Obama finds himself in the same situation right now over any number of subjects. The most blatant of which is the war effort in Afghanistan. His dithering over not just what to do, but whether to do, will bite him in the butt as well. His core beliefs on that subject are beginning to show and becoming harder to disguise. If he does what is right, he ticks off his anti-war, anti-military, anti-American (as we know it) far-left base. If he caves, he loses those high-valued ‘independent’ voters who elected him.

The ‘real’ Crist is a political chameleon. Obama is the wizard of OZ. The only difference is in their motivation. Crist is denying whatever he has to, to get elected to the Senate. Obama is trying, with the help of the media, to keep people from knowing what he is all about and what his goal of remaking America is, so he can permanently stifle capitalism and personal freedom. In other words, ‘social justice.’ It’s what Marxists do.

If Obama had the guts to run on what he is doing to the economy and the private sector, Hillary Clinton would most likely be President now. Crist should man up. Obama can’t man up. But the more the folks learn about each of them, the slimmer their chances of election or re-election. And in both cases, if both lose, America wins.

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  • This year, Chinese calendar year of the pig . . . Swine flu.

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