Civilian Trials For Gitmo Terrorists?

In keeping with the President’s agenda to close Guantanamo Bay, affectionately called Club Gitmo, Obama’s Atty General Eric Holder will be bringing KSM and  other prisoners who have already admitted their guilt, to New York and be given civilian trials with all the rights and privileges of regular American citizens instead of the military tribunals which are established precedent. This, after having spent $12 million at Club Gitmo constructing portable courtrooms for the military tribunals.

The purpose is not to pursue a conviction on these terrorists. They’ve admitted their guilt and have already asked to be martyred. The purpose is to put the Bush administration and the CIA on trial as an unintended (not really) consequence. Throwing a big bone to the far-left base seems more important to him than established precedent for trials of enemy combatants. More important than the families of the 3,000 people that KSM and his co-conspirators killed. And more important than the morale of those who wear the uniform to protect this country.

All this happens under the backdrop of President Obama’s inability to make a decision on what to do next in Afghanistan. It’s three months and counting.

Who is surprised about all of this? Given the contempt that the President has for the U.S. Constitution and his disdain for the military, it wouldn’t surprise me if he delegated the Commander In Chief responsibilities to a Cabinet position or a Czar. He’s apparently too busy remaking America to adequately protect it. How does Dennis Kucinich, Secretary of the Department of Peace sound?

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