22 Million People Reject Obamacare

When you hear Democrats whine, or the CBO “score,” about how replacing Obamacare is going to cause 22 million people to lose their health insurance policy, consider this.

That is the difference between the number of people forced by the government, Obamacare, to either buy one or have one (free, as in socialist free and dumped into Medicaid) even though they can’t afford to use it if they needed to, and those who want one in the first place.

Given the choice, which Obamacare does not offer, there are millions of people, especially young, healthy people, who would rather spend their money on something other than an expensive health insurance policy designed by the federal government that they can’t afford to use because of high premiums and higher deductibles.

Basically, the higher the number the better. It doesn’t signal how evil the Republican plan is. It shows how many people don’t like Obamacare and want nothing to do with it. It shows how many people, as the Dingell family learned, reject socialized medicine.

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