Khavari: The Man With A Plan

In a continuing effort to inform Florida voters about the only person running for Governor of the State of Florida who has an economic recovery plan, one that does not include more borrowing and taxing, meet Dr. Farid Khavari.  The beauty of his plan is that it represents a blueprint for long term economic prosperity instead of a pothole patch.

And, it is a plan that other states can also benefit from. Economic security is not exclusive to Florida. Expect other states to catch on to this Bank of the State of Florida concept too! More information about his platform is on his website and in his latest book, Toward a Zero-Cost Economy, available in stores or for free download at his website,

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Khavari: The era of commercial banks is over; state banks are the future.

Miami, FL  Nov. 23 — Noted economist Farid Khavari, a  Democratic candidate for Florida governor, has gained national and international attention for his plan to create a state-owned bank in Florida.

“Not since the Great Depression has it been so clear,” said Khavari. “We need banks that work for the benefit of the people, not people working for the benefit of the banks. There is no mystery why we are facing another depression: the banks got greedy and stupid, and now they are making us pay for it.

“The economy is collapsing due to lack of demand. The economy needs money, but the banks are cutting credit, and then sucking all the cash out of the economy by raising interest rates to make sure no one has any cash left at the end of the month. The cost of interest is built into the cost of everything. People already work ten years of their lives just to pay interest in one form or another. The Bank of the State of Florida will end that for Floridians. And this model will work for every state.

“We can start the BSF at no cost to taxpayers. We can pay 6% interest on savings. Using the same fractional reserve rules as all banks, we can create $900 of new money through loans for every $100 in deposits. We can loan that $900 in the form of 2% fixed rate 15-year mortgages, for example, and the state can earn $12 every year for every $100 in deposits. That means Floridians can save tens of billions of dollars per year while the state earns billions making it possible for them.

“2% fixed-rate mortgages will create a thousand times more jobs than any so-called stimulus can.  By reducing the total interest cost on a home by over 85%, the average family will save hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that money stays in Florida,” Khavari said.

“State and local government budgets will balance without higher taxes when the BSF cuts interest costs,” Khavari said. “6% BSF credit cards will save people billions per month, money that stays in Florida instead of going to the big banks—and the state will make huge profits on that, too.  Saving billions in interest costs will create millions of jobs without subsidies just by keeping those billions circulating in Florida. Eventually the state will earn enough to reduce and eliminate state and local taxes while every Floridian has economic security in a recession-proof Florida.”

Asked whether a state-owned bank is socialism, Khavari smiled. “Are public schools socialism? Public roads, police and fire protection, municipal water? Socialism is where everyone works for the state. In these cases, and with our Bank of the State of Florida, the state is working for everyone. I call that general capitalism.”

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is an economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His latest book, Toward a Zero-Cost Economy, is available in stores or for free download at his website,

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6 thoughts on “Khavari: The Man With A Plan”

  1. Dr. Khavari is a Democrat because he had to pick a party to run on. He is not a politician per se but an economist with impeccable credentials. I have studied this plan and found that North Dakota has a Citizen owned State bank and is flourishing. There are several other States investigating this solution and if it is handled right it can put Florida on the road to economic stability and prosperity. I think we need to back this guy up – or – anyone who is willing to solve the economic dilemma that is eating our lives up.

  2. I’m not wild about the FDP, especially under Karen Thurman, but I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Alex Sink can win, and the stakes are just that high after twelve years of Jeb! and Cheerful Charlie.

    Know what? You’ve just hit on the point that I’m now old enough and wise enough to realize what is wrong with the Party-wars mentality, where winning becomes the only option, no matter what. The public be damned. Or maybe it’s senility beginning to set in. Not sure which.

    First thing is, I can’t recall any election where the mantra was not ‘the stakes are too high . . .’ or ‘couldn’t be higher . . .’ This seems to remove rational thought from the equation, causing the FDP and the RPOF do act as they are.

    For me, Khavari’s plan is a plan that can win support from people in both parties, if given a fair shot and exposure. Making the people of Florida the winners, instead of The Party. Somebody said there is a fine line between wisdom and senility. I forget who.

  3. Nah, I’m just giving you a hard time.

    The good news is you won’t have to change your party affiliation. Dr. Khavari doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Democratic nomination. Yes, Karen Thurman has anointed Alex Sink as the Democratic nominee. Yes, the FDP has worked to push other candidates out. I’m not wild about the FDP, especially under Karen Thurman, but I understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Alex Sink can win, and the stakes are just that high after twelve years of Jeb! and Cheerful Charlie.

    I like Dr. Khavari. I met him recently at an ECDEC function at Washington High. He’s smart and on point… but he’s dead on arrival as a gubernatorial candidate.

  4. And your point is? 🙂 I know. It’s always about issues with me, not labels. That’s why I support his efforts and will change my party affiliation to vote in the Democratic primary if that’s what it takes to help him get on the ballot. Neither Sink nor McCollum have a plan. IMHO, they both represent more of the same.

    The State chair of the Democratic Party, Karen Thurman, has anointed Alex Sink as the candidate. That’s why, in this state, the Democratic Party isn’t democratic. And the State Republican party is just as bad in its efforts to screw Rubio, and the media doesn’t seem to care. No surprise there.

    Khavari is not your average Democrat. He’s more than that. He’s a guy with a real plan that will work. And his plan doesn’t center around federal control over absolutely everything or increasing the debt. It’s more about what he calls general capitalism and, get this, individual economic freedom. He knows what it is like to have neither. He lived it in Iran, where he was born.

    Check out his book ‘Towards A Zero-Cost Economy.’ It explains it all. And, you can download it free.

    He understands economics, because he is an economist, not a politician. If you ask him, he’ll tell you that he is an American first. Sooooo refreshing, coming from a Democrat huh? This guy is real, not an empty suit. Not out to con you into believing that he is something other than what he really is.

    btw, you can come into my shop and pick up some Khavari for Governor bumper stickers and info cards. I know. A conservative supporting a democrat. It’s a new political world. Labels aside, he’s the man with a plan.

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