Khavari, Bank Of The State Of Florida

From the Naples Daily News . . .

Farid Khavari makes a campaign promise that should shoot him straight to the top of the field running for governor of Florida.

“We have to get rid of taxes,” says Khavari, a Democratic challenger to the party’s favored nominee, Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Khavari, who claims a doctorate in economics from the University of Bremen in Germany, believes eliminating most state taxes is more than just an empty promise to get himself noticed.

He’s laid out an economic plan for Florida, something he says his opponents both Republican and Democrat have failed to do, that funnels billions of dollars to the state in mortgage interest payments.

If you look a little further, you’ll also see that Khavari is the only candidate that has a specific plan. And it’s in writing. The others, including Alex Sink, haven’t a clue. They have the campaign rhetoric, but no plan on boosting the economy and jobs.

Asked whether a state-owned bank is socialism, Khavari smiled. “Are public schools socialism? Public roads, police and fire protection, municipal water? Socialism is where everyone works for the state. In these cases, and with our Bank of the State of Florida, the state is working for everyone. I call that general capitalism.”

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