The New Nuclear Strategy, Quit

Seems like only yesterday that then candidate Obama said if you bring a knife to a fight, I’ll bring a gun. That was the campaign version of Obama. The real version is this one, virtually disassembling the nuclear deterrent strategy that won the cold war and has kept the peace among other nuclear equipped nations since the end of WWII.

President Obama has a unique talent apart from all previous U.S. presidents. He demonstrates a natural ability to diss our allies all over the globe, including our own country, while giving potential adversaries hope in America’s new found weakness. Weakness in our economy with overwhelming debt for future generations, exacerbated by his fundamentally transforming America into yet another welfare state. And now weakness in our military deterrence.

This is like the apology tour gone wild. As if his words are not bad enough, this Commander in Chief is dismantling our defenses around the world where missile defense is concerned, and now is telling potential aggressors that they are entitled to a free shot at the United States with no fear of being squashed like a bug with a nuclear warhead landing in their homeland. Well isn’t that special?

How’s that hope and change working for you?

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