The FairTax Calculator

Try out the calculator online and see how your income would change without having to do a thing. On its own, the FairTax is fundamentally, economically, stimulative.

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5 thoughts on “The FairTax Calculator”

  1. Oh, I know the web sites you site — Beacon Hill, which is a public relations firm, not a research firm.

    THe point is,

    Mark, it is apparent that you are not adding to the conversation any longer. You haven’t in a while now. You are repeating yourself with the same nonsense about government entities having to pay taxes. Meanwhile, you haven’t answered my question to you about why you think government entities should not have to contribute to the government kitty like everyone else? Of course it is a new idea compared to the abortion of a tax code that exists today. But once you get over the fact that every entity and warm body that reaps the ‘benefits’ of this country should contribute to it, it’s all downhill from there.

    About Beacon Hill. Why would you say that they are a PR firm? You either are lying or you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

    The Beacon Hill Institute is part of Suffolk University in Boston.

    But for your and other readers’ edification, here is a quote from the Suffolk University website about the Beacon Hill Institute:

    Founded in 1991, BHI is the research arm of the Department of Economics at Suffolk University in Boston.

  2. Oh – I see — your excuse for Fairtax calculator not asking a single question about your taxable income, is that “research shows what people spend”.

    Well –let’s see that research. Go ahead, lets see it.

    Plus — why doesnt the calculator say “We dont need your taxable income, because research shows us what your spendable income is”? No, the entire point of the Calculator is to make people THINK they are “Comparing”

    Did you notice the title of the calculator? DARE TO COMPARE.

    What does the calculator do? DOES NOT DARE to compare. At all/

    And if they were going to plug in “researched” averages — why not use those “researched averages” for the income? There is research on income, why not use that? There is research on mortgage deduction, why not use the researched average on that?

    No, the reason Fairtax didn’t dare ask a question about ANYTHING taxable is simple. They didn’t dare compare. They didn’t want anyone to see that millions of people would pay far higher taxes than they have income! NOt just that they will pay far higher taxes — but their taxes will be HIGHER than their income!!

    Millions of people would have to pay taxes that are HIGHER than their income with this plan! Cancer victims, come to mind. There are millions of them each year. Many of them make less that 25K a year. Yet the average cancer cost probably around 150K — that would be 40K just in sales taxes.

    And that’s just cancer victims! There are millions of people who have heart disease. My heart surgeries last year cost 170,000 dollars. My Fairtax on that would be about 50K. Plus, I spent 5K on food, 20K on a new car, 4K on vacations, 4K on utilities – on and on. My fairtax would be about 70K for last year. I didnt even make 70K.

    A real calculator that asked you about rent, medical costs, vacations, ultities, food, new car or house purchases — would have told me I would have 70K in federal fairtax, even though I did not even gross 70K.

    Millions of us would be in that same boat.

    Do you start to see why the calculator was bogus from the word go? Do you see why Fairtax leaders HAD to know it was bogus, they had to. No way on earth they can come up with a calculator that bogus, without a lot of work on it.

    YOu don’t seem to grasp this. Fairtax is a farce. Sure it sounded GREAT. Which is why I loved it at first. But when I saw all the deception, when I saw the fine print –I had the brains to realize what was going on.

    Why would thes politicians support Fairtax, if they know its bogus? Well some of them are probably like you, true believers. This is what they were told, so they don’t know any better.

    Some of them probably know it’s all a farce, it sounds great, as long as no one looks at the fine print and asks any questions under oath.

    But none of them are pressing for hearings under oath – and NEVER HAVE. None of them are telling their cities in their district about this massive tax on city government. None of them are telling their state governmetn about his massive tax on state government.

    None of them are explaining to voters how millions of Americans will have higher tax bills than they have income to pay it. That some of us, millions of us, will owe 70000 dollars for federal fairtaxes and only make 50K.

    So when these guys start telling the truth about Fairtax, and when they start asking for hearings under oath — then we will know if they are on the level.

    Fairtax is not on the level. You have been suckered by a sham. A farce. If it could work – I could get it passed myself. I could have 50 people by Saturday, and 500 people by next month, and 50,000 by three months. This tax is so wonderful — if it was real – that virtually no one would be against it.

    The reason it’s getting nowhere is that the LEADERS know it’s bogus. They know their calculator is nonsense. They know they can’t tax city and state governments. They know all that and plenty more.

    Now, I wish Fairtax was on the level. I would LOVE for it to pass — whether it worked or not. I’m all for trying it!! Oh I know it’s garbage! I know it’s a farce! So what! It would be fun to see you guys try to force Texas state government to pay the fed government 13 billion dollars!

    It would be sun to see you guys try to force Dallas and Houston and Los ANgeles city governments to pay 100 million dollars each to the federal government. Not just people pay this farce – in the fine print city and state governments do too.

    So I would LOVE – LOVE to see it!! I would laugh my head off for a few days, then have a party, and laugh some more. I’m serious! I would love for this to pass.

    Heck, you guys will never allow a hearing under oath, because your own leaders know it sounds great, but isn’t even rational!

    1. Oh – I see — your excuse for Fairtax calculator not asking a single question about your taxable income, is that “research shows what people spend”.
      Well –let’s see that research. Go ahead, lets see it.

      Without getting wrapped around the axle with your passionate, if not mis-informed, trashing of the FairTax and ‘income,’ the whole point is that the tax is generated from spending, not income. You can make as much as you want without a tax consequence. That’s because there is no tax at all on your income (at the federal level) with the FairTax. Reality dictates that before you can spend money, you will first have to have money. How you get it and where it comes from is no business of the Federal Government under the FairTax.

      In response to your harping on ‘where’s the research,’ the research is online. Available for you to read for yourself. See The FairTax Basics page and follow the links. The information there is the product of 22 million dollars of research. There you will find how the FairTax works based on income level. Did you see the word ‘income’ Mark? You will also see the research, that you say is either non-existent or hidden in the fine print, on the effects of the FairTax on State governments.

      I invite you to check it out. Read it thoroughly. Every question that you’ve had so far is addressed in that research.

      Keep in mind Mark, that the FairTax does not affect entitlement programs or other spending models that the government has or may come up with in the future. It addresses how the government gets ‘it’s’ money, not how it spends it. A destitute cancer victim is no more affected by the FairTax than they are under the current tax system. Well, except that financially they will be better off.

      Fiscal Federalism:
      The National FairTax and the States

      A Distributional Analysis of Adopting the
      FairTax: A Comparison of the Current Tax
      System and the FairTax Plan

      Taxing Sales Under the FairTax:
      What Rate Works?

  3. Research shows that people spend certain amounts of money based on their income level. Once you know how much people spend on new goods and services, it’s not hard to figure out how much revenue the FairTax can generate. It is designed to be revenue neutral. The calculator takes into account the prebate because the prebate is also part of the FairTax. If you’re like the government, you’ll spend more than you make. Otherwise, the calculator is a pretty good indicator of general circumstances. Believe it, or not.

    Just like your mortgage payment, your rent payment will be in pre-tax dollars. Under the FairTax, all your money earned is yours. It is all pre-tax dollars. It seems like you are missing the part where your disposable income increases dramatically, with every paycheck. And you might also be missing how much you’ll get from the prebate on a monthly basis. Old, sick, and poor folks will be better off under the FairTax than the current system. Obviously, we’ll have to agree to disagree on that point.

    Also, please refrain from listing that or similar website in your comment, unless that website is part of the topic. Which it isn’t. This topic is the FairTax calculator. I consider advertising other blogs to be off topic unless I make that blog the topic. Then, of course, it is on topic. Ridiculous as I think your arguments about the calculator and the FairTax are, leaving it here instead of deleting it does have some educational value. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Please consider yourself warned to follow the rules.


    The fairtax calculator is hilarious. Not one question on it about your taxable spending!

    Not ONE! Not one question about your rent — yet rent is taxed. If you rented, of course, it would make a huge difference. But they don’t ask.

    Not one question about your health care cost. NOT ONE. Yet if you had cancer or heart disease, your medical costs (which are taxed) could make a huge difference. But they don’t ask.

    Not one question about your plans to buy a new car or house. New cars and houses, of course, are taxed. These purchases could make a huge difference. But they don’t ask.

    What do they ask? Everything EXCEPT what you spend that will be taxed.

    They ask your income — yet income is not taxed!

    Only a complete moron can look at this calculator and not suspect it’s purpose is to deceive.

    Take a person who has cancer, and who rents, for example. Suppose they make 30,000 a year.

    That cancer patient who rents, could EASILY have 50,000 in fairtaxes. But they only make 30K!!

    How will they pay 50K?

    Fairtax didn’t allow you to “Dare to compare” — in fact, this farce calculator does not dare to compare.

    It is actually proof that Fairtax leaders fully realize their own plan is total nonsense.

    Otherwise, they would have put in a calculator that lets you put in your rent, your health cost, your food budget, your ultity budget. They would have asked if you were going to buy a new house or car. They would have asked what your average yearly spending would be.

    None of that.

    What if you were a retiree, who had saved 500K over the years, but only make 12K pension.

    You couldnt use the calculator to show you how terrible the Farce Tax would be for you. There is now place to put ANY information in about your taxable spending!

    Many retirees with substantial savings would HATE Farce tax because their taxes could easily exceed their income! They may only make 20K, but owe 50K in taxes!! If they have medical issues, if they travel a lot, if they spend the money they saved, they could owe 50K easily in Farce tax. But they only have 12K income. OR NO income.

    Don’t look to the Fairtax Farcetax calculator to tell you anything — except it shouts out that Farce tax is a farce.

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