FairTax Press Release

The Pensacola Fair Tax Advocates will be bringing the facts on the Fair Tax to Pensacola. The Fair Tax is an alternative method to the current tax system for financing the federal government, and is an economic engine all on its own when compared to the current taxing system. The Fair Tax would do more to revitalize our economy and at no cost to future generations than the proposals currently coming out of Washington. If you would like to know more, like why and how the Fair Tax is a better way to finance the government, please join us on Tuesday evening 6PM to eat, 7PM for the presentation, March 31, 2009 at Jerry’s Cajun Cafe.

The FFTEA (Florida Fair Tax Education Association) is recruiting Fair Tax advocates. Now seeking Community Coordinators in the Panhandle in Congressional District 1. Please come and enjoy the food, fellowship, and fun in getting the word out about the Fair Tax.

Ross Calloway, Co District Director (FFTEA) Call 850-512-9860 for more info or visit our website at http://www.meetup.com/Pensacola-Fair-Tax-Meetup-Group/ or my blog at https://rosscalloway.com/fair-tax-economic-recovery/

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