Rush Has Zero Impact

‘Limbaugh’s political influence is not vast at all.’ That, according to Air America Radio host of the Ring of Fire program, Mike Papantonio.

That’s why I thought it odd that he would go to all the trouble to offer his political advice to RNC Chariman Michael Steele. Which is, have Rush start a third party.

I’m sure Rush will be taking advice from Mike Papantonio and/or Michael Steele. Besides he wouldn’t take the pay cut. Look what good advice it is. Split the party, dilute what little solidarity there is in the GOP, guarantee Democrats stay in power in Washington. Yeah, that sounds like a plan Rush would like. 🙄

The heartburn Papantonio has with Rush is two-fold. Professional envy is probably his biggest motivator. Rush is a conservative first, not a Republican first. And, Papantonio knows that conservatism is the antidote to the liberalism / socialism as proscribed by the Democrats in Washington today.

That one man, Rush, can create such an uproar on the Left belies the irrelevancy that is ascribed to him by Mike. It takes away from examining the real issues, like how Obama’s Cap and Trade plan will raise the cost on the poor for gasoline, natural gas, home heating oil, and electricity.

The poor can thank Obama for not raising their taxes. The poor can also thank Obama for replacing it with higher fuel and energy costs on them. And Rush can stay right where he is.

Link: Papantonio: GOP should turn its back on Limbaugh

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