Senate Democrats Clear Way For Bush’s AG Nominee

That’s the way the headline should read. But it would sound too much like beginning to get along with Bush and actually get things done. Hell no, can’t have any of that. So the Washington Post headline to this story is this, “Democratic Defections Clear Path For Mukasey.” Imagine that, there were ‘defections.’ Sort of like in Iraq where the former al-Qaeda supporters defected and started helping the government instead of the terrorists. The ‘defectors’ were Sens. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Diane Feinstein (D-CA), making 11 Yes votes from the 19 member panel. We know who the insurgents are. This paves the way to send his nomination to the Senate floor making confirmation likely. But it wouldn’t have happened without them both. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Schumer said . . .

I deeply esteem those who believe the issue of torture is so paramount that Judge Mukasey’s views on it should be the sole determinant of our vote,” Schumer said. “But I must respectfully disagree.

Good for Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) for sticking by Mukasey. After all, it was Schumer who recommended Mukasey for the position. No doubt the Soros wing of their party, the new base, will be ticked big time. Schumer is safe as far as a democratic challenger that they might put up to oust him. He would do what Leiberman did. Beat the guy hands down.

I’m guessing she said more, but this is all the WaPo quoted Feinstein as saying about Mukasey . . .

He is not Alberto Gonzales. Rather, he has forged an independent life path as a practitioner of the law and a federal judge.

At any rate, its more than a victory for Bush. Its a victory for the country. To bad the libs won’t see it that way.Who Whould Kennedy Save

Update 11/07/07: Ted Kennedy did his best to defeat Mukasey’s nomination.  After the Senate Judiciary Meeting that advanced Mukasey’s nomination to the Senate floor, Ted (the swimmer) Kennedy spoke about what its like to drown.  He is very determined to protect scum like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

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