Democrats v General Petraeus

The message of this status report on the ‘surge’ was discounted as a lie before it was ever presented. This is nothing new from the Democrats in Washington. It’s what they do, and it really doesn’t matter what Gen. Petraeus has to say. They’re minds were already made up.For General Petreaus, Democrats can't handle the truth.

To put a political agenda over what Gen. Petraeus is saying carries with it life and death consequences for us, the Iraqi people, and the rest of the world. The fact that this is the biggest war of our time, would you bet on our lives that Barbara Boxer knows better than General Petreaus? Responding to a question about Democrats’ position of threatening Iraq with pulling our troops out, as leverage to motivate them to speed things up, Petraeus says this. . .

“Threatening to withdraw may harden something that we’re trying to soften. So there’s a very, very real issue — a feel for what we think might happen in such a case.”

I’m furious that the Democrats in the House and Senate created so much propaganda for the enemy in their lust to play commander in chief even if it means losing what they call ‘Bush’s war.’

And when these Democrats go out of their way to say that they support the troops, just remember how they do it. They want to bring the troops home before completing their mission. The message they send the troops is, ‘never-mind, come home now,’ while making the whole situation worse. They call their commander a liar on a daily basis, that the war in Iraq is only a war for oil. And now their commander-in-theater, Gen. Petreaus, is just reporting what Bush wants him to report. An off-handed way of calling him a liar too. That is how they support our troops. Actually, they are supporting the enemy more.

For the Democrats to say that Petreaus is just reporting what Bush wants him to report is to presume that the surge can not work. They are leaving no room for it to work, so when the surge shows measurable signs of working, they would what? They would expect General Petreaus to say that it is not working? After all, Bush wants it to work so you General, are just rubber stamping if not lying about your report if you say that it is working. That seems to be the position of the democrat leadership, some of whom also want to become president.

So, come on Democrats. You want to really have fun? If you believe what you say, then you should try to prosecute the general for lying to congress. Maybe get a court martial and some jail time? Go for it.

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