Chavez Threatens Takeover Of Schools

Becoming restless and confident at the same time, the hemisphere’s idiot, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, doesn’t like an educational system that doesn’t push his socialist agenda. He thinks it is best to nationalize them if they don’t shape the children into good socialists. The capitalist ideas being taught must be eliminated, according to Chavez.

But one college-level syllabus obtained by The Associated Press shows some premedical students already have a recommended reading list including Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital” and Fidel Castro’s speeches, alongside traditional subjects like biology and chemistry.

The syllabus also includes quotations from Chavez and urges students to learn about slain revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara and Colombian rebel chief Manuel Marulanda, whose leftist guerrillas are considered a terrorist group by Colombia, the U.S. and European Union.

Real critical thinkers, like Gabriel Gomez Guerrero, 22, of Colombia and others who are dropping out of his university had this to say about Chavez’s educational plan.

About 20 of the 400 foreign pre-med students have dropped out of the Latin American Medical School near Caracas. Among them was Gabriel Gomez Guerrero, 22, of Colombia, who was shocked that the syllabus counts Marulanda among “important Latin American thinkers” to be studied. The head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia is his government’s public enemy No. 1. “They aren’t going to introduce that man to me as a ‘Latin American thinker,'” Gomez said. “They may brainwash other people, but not me.”

link: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Threatens to Take Over Private Schools