Air America Radio Exits Memphis

Air America Radio loses Memphis WSMB 680 AM, to be replaced with sports talk. I’m still waiting for that swell of demand for the ‘progressive’ message. WSMB is going from this to this. That should tell them something.

Frustrated by the fact that they can’t get any traction with their brand of rabid radio, they don’t see it as a loss, but rather as justification to whine for the Fairness Doctrine.

To liberals, free markets are fine as long as they are not on the losing side. Imagine for a moment that the popularity of talk radio is overwhelmingly liberal, and conservative talkers just couldn’t cut the mustard. Do you see the liberals calling for the Fairness Doctrine then?

Not Your Best Girl Scout Leader

One for the ‘you gotta be kidding’ column, how about a girl scout leader was charged by a federal grand jury for stealing the identities of girls in her troop?

The indictment charges Holly M. Barnes with 19 counts of filing false claims and 15 counts of identity theft, according to a news release from the U.S. attorney’s office in Pensacola.

She fraudulently obtained $187,000 from the IRS using the identities of the girls in her troop and her own children.

NWF Daily News link

Iran’s Fork In The Road, Democracy or Theocracy

Signs of a political tug of war showing in Iran. Hashemi Rafsanjani, who lost to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the 2005 presidential runoff, was picked today to head a powerful clerical body, the Assembly of Experts, considered a defeat for Ahmadinejad’s hard-line faction.

Rafsanjani’s election as chairman of the Assembly of Experts means the charismatic cleric will oversee the secretive body that chooses or dismisses the Islamic Republic’s ultimate authority, its supreme leader.

The tug of war is between democracy and theocracy. Given a choice, the Iranian people will choose a democracy, where “the government’s authority is derived from popular elections.”

While extremists such as Jannati are among the proponents of the theory that the legitimacy of Iran’s clerics to rule the country is derived from God, Rafsanjani is believed to side with pro-democracy reformers who believe the government’s authority is derived from popular elections.

Question is, will it happen before or after Ahmadinejad does something stupid?

Fewer U.S. Troops In Iraq?

On an unannounced visit to Iraq and traveling with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, President Bush said . . .

General (David H.) Petraeus and Ambassador (Ryan C.) Crocker tell me if the kind of success we are now seeing continues, it will be possible to maintain the same level of security with fewer Americans. 

Aside from keeping focused on winning the war and listening to our troops and his generals, Bush met with Sunni tribal leaders that used to be supporting al-Qaeda.  They now have turned against them in favor of a more free and secure life in Iraq.  He also tried to assured the Iraqi people that, despite the cut and run strategy of some politicians in this country, that the United States would not abandon the Iraqi people.

I am going to reassure them that America does not abandon our friends. And America will not abandon the Iraqi people. That’s the message all three of us bring.

Links: BlackAnthem, Washington Post