There’s More Than One, Leaker

Once again, in a matter of only a few weeks since it’s publishing top secret government secrets, they do it again.  The problem is the ‘administration official’ who purportedly offered up the document to the New York Times reporter.  This is not just another secret document, this is a secret report which is an assessment of Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s success in putting down the sectarian violence in Iraq, on the day that Maliki and Bush were to meet.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the 2-day meeting was cancelled in favor of a 1-day meeting.

An administration official made a copy of the document available to a New York Times reporter seeking information on the administration’s policy review. The Times read and transcribed the memo.

The leakers need to be sought and dealt with.  And I don’t mean like Fitzgerald dealt with the Valerie Plame leaker, Richard Armitage.  I think this time, we should think of the leaker as someone who commits a high crime. 

And now that the SCOTUS has affirmed the government’s right to phone records on one of their earlier release of state secrets, they need to get on the stick today.  While we’re at it, why doesn’t congress do something to protect state secrets?  Good place to start is to make it a crime to publish that which is known to be government secrets.  Protect them with the law and tell the ACLU to take a hike.

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