Judiciary Run Amok

In the latest bizarro judicial decision, having already raped and pillaged the White House and the position of Commander in Chief, U.S. District Judge James Robertson is telling the Treasury Department to change the money so that the blind can, ostensibly, use it more effectively.   It’s a warm and fuzzy thought, but since when have judges become a replacement for the people?

From a technical standpoint, the answer lies in an electronic scanner instead of changing the whole monetary system.  Besides, the fraud issues won’t go away because of the feel of it, or the presence of braille.  Without a scanner of some sort, how could you assume that the ‘new’ currency is really currency? 

And from a ‘where’s the money going to come from to overhaul the money supply’ standpoint, it seems to me that this judge needs to recognize money himself.  Even though he can see it, he still doesn’t recognize it.

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