Democrats Run From Debate

And the Edwards Campaign wants Fox Cash.First came Coulter Cash, now it’s Fox Cash. By denying the fact that democrats have chosen not to participate in a Fox-sponsored debate in Nevada, where the candidates can stand on their own two feet to make their case as to why people should be interested in voting for them, the Breck Girl is characterizing news of that fact as an attack. It’s not an attack. It’s called news.

it’s an insult to the voters, and the height of cynicism, for candidates to refuse to take the public stage and subject themselves to public scrutiny.

WaaaaaaaaaaaThe above is a Dennis Kucinich quote on the subject. Nevertheless, the Edwards Campaign is appealing to their minions to pony up donations to ‘strike back.’ In other words, they’ve chosen not to play. They are taking their ball and going home. Most ridiculous item of the day? You bet. Can you see it coming? Next it’ll be Blog Cash.

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3 thoughts on “Democrats Run From Debate”

  1. Andrew, the candidates speak for themselves. There is no filter in an open debate. And however FOX may later report on the debate, it will happen regardless of where the debate takes place or who its sponsor is. I come down on the side of Kucinich on this one, which is a first for me. I get the point that you don’t like FOX, but you are selling your candidates short by pulling them out of the forum. It’s all OK by me, but still ridiculous.

  2. The democrats rejected not an honest, open forum for debate. They rejected the unabashedly partisan Fox News Channel, who would no doubt have mocked and distorted anything said by any democratic candidate in the name of advancing its increasingly dubious agenda.

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