Iran Will Help In Iraq, Help Take It Over

Coming direct from Fantasyland comes a Christian Science Monitor story entitled ‘Can Iran help stabilize Iraq?‘  Only if Tinkerbell will wave her magic wand.  Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has his own mission, which he has made crystal clear many times. 

Stuff like . . . ‘Death to the Great Satan’ comes to mind, and, oh yeah, Israel ought to be wiped off the map, and we’re a nuclear nation so get over it, I need a nuclear bomb to protect myself from the Great Satan, and I’ll train, fund, and supply al Qaeda so they can do their deeds in Iraq, and, Hezbollah, my shadow army, is showing those Jews what bombs and missiles and explosive vests can do with some help from my buds in Syria and Lebanon, and make way for the twelfth Imam, the end is near.

Yeah, Ahmadinejad, that’s the guy who will voluntarily stop all those things from happening.  He’ll just give up everything he has been ranting about for years if we’ll only offer him a cup of coffee and a basketball signed by Michael Jordan.  Maybe a one on one with Oprah would tilt the balance in our favor?  All that speculation is not only fantasy, it is ignoring all that Mahmoud has done and is currently doing.  The tip-off is this ridiculous goal. . .

Bringing Iran – and Syria – into a regional process to stabilize Iraq is being touted both by British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Iraq Study Group, the US commission studying options that both Republicans and Democrats hope will provide a framework for facesaving change in Iraq.  (emphasis added)

Iran and Syria are part of the problem in Iraq and in the region.  This apparent goal for a face-saving anything is a haunt from the Vietnam war.  It’s political-speak for surrender.  It means we will ‘leave’ if you ‘say’ you will help.  They have it bass ackwards.  It’s the Iranian terrorist president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that needs a face job rather than face saving.  Scott (Peterson), take your head out of the sand man.

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