Lieberman Has It Right, Just Frosts The Left

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Ct) understands why we’re in Iraq and why we need to prevail there in a win and not a premature retreat. The President himself has already said as much back when the new rules of engagement came out around the time of the beginning of the ‘surge’ strategy. It included going into Iran in pursuit of terrorists and the Iranians responsible for training and equipping terrorists. Joe has it right, but you need to see the comments from the wacko left.

From The Huffington Post

jmc42 We have good evidence that the United States is a war criminal by attacking and unarmed nation who had not committed any attack on us. In this case, it is the United States that is in the wrong and any nation that comes to the help of the Iraqi people are – in my book – policemen needed to kick out the war criminals that are the US and GB soldiers. Your agenda is transparent and you should go to Israel to live as you are not doing shit for America.

JennyTraynor Hey, Conneticut voters…here’s your chance. Die for Israel. Die for Joe Lieberman. Send your kids. Cause you ain’t gettin mine.

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