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Muslim Brotherhood Gets “Port Courtesy” From TSA, Not You

And in the WTF Department comes this. Something that took a FOIA request to get.

Never mind for a moment that there is a war against the West and non-believers going on. It used to be called a war on terror. It’s a war where the aggressors are all radical Muslims. Then consider that the reason your grandmother and 10 yr. old daughter get patted down at the airport is because ‘racial profiling’ is not politically correct. No matter how effective it may be. So you have to wonder why racial profiling is now allowed for members of the Muslim Brotherhood. An organization affiliated with terrorists (Hamas) and listed a terrorist organization, with family ties to Anthony Weiner’s wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Weiner, aka Huma Mahmood Abedin.

This racial profiling dictates that if air travelers are Muslim Brotherhood types, then they will not get the same scrutiny that you and your family receive. They’ll get the VIP treatment that the TSA calls “port courtesy,” normally reserved for high-ranking visiting government officials and dignitaries.

It’s embarrassing how reckless, naive, and downright stupid President Obama is waging this war on terror. Seems like he’s on the wrong side. Or, he thinks the was is over. Were it not for his actions in Egypt, Mohamed Morsi wouldn’t have deposed Hosni Mubarak. Himself now behind bars. The Muslim Brotherhood has been outlawed in Egypt and labeled a terrorist organization, and all their assets there are frozen. Not here in the United States. His stupid head-in-the-sand handling of Benghazi post Muammar Gaddafi is another example. It’s the same kind of “leadership” that gave Syria to Al Qaeda.

As if you needed convincing that President Obama is our enemy from within, this should do it. When is the first impeachment hearing scheduled? Probably not until Speaker John Boehner is replaced. Keep a sharp eye out for this revelation coming from the mainstream media.

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Egypt Outlaws Muslim Brotherhood, Seizes Assets

Officially labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the Egyptian government moved to seize the ‘Hood’s accounts and assets. And called upon other countries in the Middle East to do the same.

Should come as no surprise except to the Islamist deniers in the administration who told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was a peaceful, secular organization. But that’s old news.

The effects of taking a bold step against the terrorist organization, aside from fighting back at them in hopes of keeping the peace domestically, is the deleterious effect it will have on Hamas. Their subsidiary in the Gaza Strip that terrorizes Israel and calls for their destruction.

Can’t wait to hear what Secretary of State John Kerry, the President’s mouthpiece, has to say about this and whose side he will come down on. Egypt has already decided.

Turkey, just to make it interesting, is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. As is a guy named Fethullah Gulen. A self-exiled (was actually fleeing charges of plotting to overthrow the government in Turkey) 70-year-old Imam, who commands a global empire of media outlets, private schools and charities. Gulen directs his Islamic “school” and “charity” operation from his 25 acre Saylorsburg, Pa. estate in the Poconos. Comparisons between him  and George Soros have been made as both men are very wealthy, and both use their money to advance agendas. Both to change America as it exits today.

Will the United States add the Muslim Brotherhood to their list of terrorist organizations and seize their assets? President Obama has some ‘splain’n to do.

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War On Islam Continues, In Egypt

A car bomb detonated by Barack Obama’s friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, killed 14 people, mostly police, and injured 60 others when they blew up a police station in Mansoura Egypt. More Muslims killing Muslims. There’s your war on Islam for you. Muslims in Egypt and Syria are killing Christians with abandon as well. As hateful as they are, sucks to be them.

And as you can tell by their silence, our President Obama, Sec. of State Kerry, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, have no problem with it. You see, it wasn’t democratic rule Obama was looking for back before the Muslim Spring turned to winter. He wanted, and allowed, the Muslim Brotherhood to take over.

The bombing comes just weeks before Egypt holds a referendum on a new constitution that is billed by the country’s military-installed authorities as the first step towards democratic rule after the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July.

Link: Car bomb at police HQ in Egypt city kills 14 – Yahoo News.

3 Christians Executed In Syria For Refusing To Convert

So the war on Christianity continues unabated in Syria. This is the time for President Obama to speak out against it and against the barbaric side of Islam. Beheading Christians for refusing to convert to their animal-Islam.  It’s time to call a spade a spade.     muslim-piece_of_shit

Raiding a convent, kidnapping the Mother Superior and 11 nuns. If they’re still alive, they’re no doubt praying to be with Jesus.

The only thing I can think of that is worse than what these cave men who hide their dirty faces are doing, is the silence from President Obama. Or is it just another one of his Muslim Brotherhood adventures in Syria, as in Egypt, to start something and then stand back and watch?

Link: 3 Christians executed after refusing to convert.

President Fails To Make His Case On Syria

After weeks of saber-rattling and ego boosting, and statements on Syria from everyone but the Commander-in-Chief himself, President Obama finally speaks to the question everyone is asking. What is our national security interest that necessitates attacking Syria?

And to that question, the President fails to make the case. He said . . .

This kind of attack threatens our national security interests by violating well-established international norms against the use of chemical weapons by further threatening friends and allies of ours in the region, like Israel and Turkey and Jordan, and it increases the risk that chemical weapons will be used in the future and fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us.

Might use them against us? There are no national interests of ours where Syria is concerned. They haven’t attacked us. They have telegraphed what they’d do to Israel if they were attacked by the U.S. But predicated on the United States attacking them first. To pin our national security interests on what might or could happen means there are no boundaries or limits to a trigger happy President. President Obama also failed to explain the end-game to his limited “smack in the face” attack on Syria.

The Syrian government is doing bad things, but it is doing them to their own people. Not to the United States. They are involved in a civil war now, and most of Assad’s opposition is coming from the alQaeda and Muslim Brotherhood types. Launching any kind of attack will only improve the chances that alQaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood will take over.

Syria needs to fight their own civil war. It’s as if nothing has been learned from the last 60 years of history in the Middle East. Let’s not repeat history. No one interfered with our civil war. And after it was over, we had a unified country. Their civil war needs to play out to its conclusion. Then, and only then, will the world know what kind of country remains. Friendly to the west, or not. At least, it will be a known entity. Not a mess like the rest of the Middle East.

Bottom line, we’re not the world’s policeman nor are we a civil-war-country’s custodian.

Obama Losing Coalition Support On Syria

British Parliament In Special Session

Great Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron called a special session of Britain’s Parliament to discuss growing tensions in Sirya and President Obama’s call for military action over the use of chemical weapons, ostensibly used by the Syrian regime on its own people.

U.S. Congress On Vacation
U.S. Congress On Vacation

President Obama, on the other hand, demonstrating his lack of leadership in not calling Congress back from vacation for a special session, is now talking about going it alone. Without a coalition of willing partners and without involving Congress. And so far, without addressing the American people as to what our security interests in Syria are that justifies us getting involved militarily on our own. And also without explaining to the American people the possible consequences of a slap-in-the-face cruise missile attack.

A proposed attack with the potential targets being revealed to the world, including the Assad regime. A military strategist, he is not. Nor, apparently, are the people advising him.

It is this lack of leadership and President Obama’s vague, if not non-existent, strategy in the end-game with Syria that has caused all the coalition partners he had last week to drop out. Add NATO to the list of the unwilling. Instead of following the blind, they’ve taken the position to wait and see what the U.N. inspectors conclude about who it was that used the WMD’s outside of Damascus. So far, most people in the U.S. aren’t convinced that we are being threatened by Syria to the extent that we need to act unilaterally against them, not only at the expense of our credibility in the world, but at the expense of our ally Israel, who both Iran and Syria said will attack if the U.S. attacks Syria. And certainly not before knowing who will be taking over in Syria. Common thought now is if Assad goes down, alQaeda and company takes his place.

We’ve already seen it happen in Libya with alQaeda and their affiliates, and in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood. Is Obama’s ego worth turning over the rest of the middle east to radical Islam and possibly sacrificing the state of Israel?

The time to act militarily has long past. We’re not the world’s policeman and civil-war-country custodian. They’ll have to fight it out on their own, and kill each other until someone wins. Then, and only then, will we know who it is we’re dealing with.

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Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Obama Dumbfounded

Egyptian security forces have arrested the top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, pressing a crackdown on his group. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates know who the enemy is, and have already sent over $12 Billion to support Egypt’s military, who is taking the fight to them. The U.S. position under obama_surrenderPresident Obama? Undecided.

He won’t say releasing Mubarak, who he help to overthrow, is good. But does say that Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) should be released. Won’t say a peep about the war on Christians in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Where Egypt’s neighbors have stepped up financial support to Egypt’s military to take the fight to the ‘Hood, to the tune 10 times what the U.S. was committed to, Obama finds himself on the wrong side of the fight, if for no other reason than not being in the fight.

What we have here is the Nobel Peace prize recipient who manages to make the United States the laughing-stock of the world while at the same time alienating the United States from our friends and allies in the region.

If there’s anything more the President could do to make the United States irrelevant on the world stage, I’d like to hear it. For the first time in his Presidency, he has finally come upon an instance where ‘voting present’ isn’t an option, and he hasn’t the courage to take a stand. It’s what ‘leading from behind’ gets us.

via Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie: state media – Yahoo! News.

This Ain’t No Tiananmen Square

Watch as a Muslim Brotherhood dude gets shot. I think he was violating a curfew. The military, the ones in “control” now, didn’t want the “Day of Rage” going on, or the Coptic Christians from being raped, tortured, and killed and their churches burned down.

Since this nut wasn’t killing an infidel, I don’t think he qualifies for 72 virgins.

There’s roughly 600 of the Muslim Brotherhood now killed. Some by the military, and the rest by the Egyptian citizens. 2400 to go to reach parity with 9/11/2001. obama_surrender

Any bets how long it will take for 3000 Muslim Brotherhood to reach room temperature? Is Las Vegas or Atlantic City laying odds on this? Oh yeah, I feel compassion. For the victims of 9/11/2001. Not for these dirty people.

News Flash, alQaeda Is Not Dead

Next time you hear a politician (take your pick) say how alQaeda is “on the run,” they want you to believe that they are running away. I don’t see any evidence of that. Do you? If anything, the direction is towards us, not away.

alqaeda_not_deadAside from Allah calling for the destruction of infidels in America, the Egyptian Muslim Cleric in this interview also has a commentary of America in general. Says that “America will collapse on itself” from its “huge debt” and “spreading poverty.” Apparently he didn’t get the memo. What appears to be a collapse to him is part of the “transformation” our President had in mind.