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Berghdal Investigation Complete, Details After Mid-Terms

Seeing a trend? Obamacare open enrollment postponed until after the election. The verdict in the Berghdal “deserter” investigation is complete, but won’t be announced until after the mid-term election.

Aside from all the other smoke and mirrors the administration does, it seems now that the military has been politicized. Why the delay? Well, aside from the obvious, there’s this . . .

The Army announced on Friday that Dahl completed the initial report on his findings in the Bergdahl case. The report will now be reviewed by the director of the Army staff and senior Army leaders.

“This will be a lengthy process,” an Army spokesman wrote. “It would be inappropriate to speculate on the potential results or the amount of time the review process will take to complete.”

Which, come hell or high water, will take longer than Nov. 4.

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Platform For Dummies

While Democrats hold true to their normal campaign strategy, that Republicans . . .Dummies-230x200.gif


  • are bad and want to hurt you
  • don’t like Blacks and Hispanics
  • don’t want to give you stuff
  • want you to lose your “health care”
  • are religious zealots, bigots, xenophobes, and homophobes
  • and, want to look inside your vagina

I’m still waiting for the Republican party to come up with a platform that republicans can get behind. One that will attract those disaffected by the party, instead of one designed to attract democrats. So far, all I’m seeing is Republicans spending as much, if not more, energy fighting other republicans than the other party.

With less than a month to go before the mid-term elections, here’s a platform that would have broad appeal, and shallow enough to get the low-information voter. Staying home on election day, or voting for the same party and expecting a different result, isn’t a strategy. Vote Republican, because the Democrat’s plan doesn’t work. If you think things can’t get any worse, vote for a Democrat and find out. Vote for a Republican, what else have you got to lose?

On Immigration, Show Me The Metrics

From the start of his first term, President Obama has pushed his idea of immigration reform. Since that time, everyone knows that by “reform” he means not enforcing the immigration laws and accepting as many illegals as humanly possible, and spreading them around the country.nice_border_infidel

Refuting the obvious, the DHS and ICE say that the border is as secure as ever. If trainloads of illegals being escorted through Mexico and delivered by coyotes to the Coyote-in-Chief Obama is their idea of “as secure as ever,” then we’re in big trouble. In so many ways.

For example, the President says that his directives on immigration are not causing more illegals to come. He says because he’s been deporting more illegals that he is stemming the tide. That’s about as big a lie as the Affordable Care Act was going to be affordable.


Unfortunately, Americans are used to being deceived lied to by this president and his administration. Like his statement on Meet the Press the other day. He told host Chuck Todd that the delay of using executive actions on immigration until after the 2014 elections was not for political consideration, but to make sure “the public understands what the facts are on immigration.” He said . . .

“It’s going to be more sustainable and more effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration,” Obama said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “I want to spend some time, even as we’re getting all our ducks in a row for the executive action … to make sure that the public understands why we’re doing this, why it’s the right thing for the American people, why it’s the right thing for the American economy.”

If the president is interested in making sure the public understands what the fact are, then why does it take a FOIA request to find out the statistics surrounding immigration? The facts not only show that more illegals are coming, and that fewer minors are being sent back, but that we are being lied to again.

It’s long past time that the administration be forced into being open and transparent (like they say they are) before ANY legislation is passed. On immigration, let’s see stats on number of illegals crossing the border. Let’s see the stats on deportations. Let’s see the stats on visa overstays. Let’s see all that, and let the American people (Congress) decide when America is secure enough to pass any legislation.

Link: Deportation data won’t dispel rumors drawing migrant minors to U.S.

Thad Cochran’s Twofer

Thad Cochran played Blacks in Mississippi like a fiddle, by playing the race card to disparage the tea party, and as an aside, to beat Chris McDaniel.


Learning from the Democrat playbook, he used the same tactics (and people) that they use. Emphasis on use. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Cochran campaign used Blacks by fomenting racism the same as Democrats.

Where identity politics goes, there’s no difference between establishment Republicans and Democrats any more. How’s that post-racial administration (that Obama campaigned on) working out?

There’s an opportunity here. Is it possible to use this example to persuade Blacks that their victimhood is self-imposed? That the Democrat party is not helping them by keeping them in a perpetual state of victim status. On the contrary. That kind of treatment, and incitement, is keeping them right where Democrats want them. On the Democrat plantation. It’s an opportunity to free them again.

Link: The Flier That Got Thad Cochran Elected? |  How Thad Cochran bounced back from disaster

Tyranny On The March, America’s New Enemy

obama_constitution_negative_libertiesThe Obama administration just stole private property in the name of political correctness. Laws are meant to protect private property. And the President is supposed to support and enforce them. This administration, and anyone who believes that this action is good, is an enemy of the state and an enemy of the Constitution.

After a protracted debate regarding the ostensible insensitivity of the team’s name, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office decided this week to strike down the Washington Redskins’ trademark claim.

Because the news media won’t tell you, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is not part of the Judicial branch of government. It’s not part of the Legislative branch of government. It is part of the Executive branch of government. And who is the head of that? President Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm, the Marxist who took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

This is but another example of how he flips the bird to you, to the Constitution, and to Congress. And idiots like Harry Reid are just fine with it. They are the enemy from within. Obama, as President, is the most dangerous man in America right now. The Constitution was written to protect against a President like him. Our job as citizens is even harder now, because he has a Congress full of accomplices.

If your elected representatives are OK with this illegal usurpation of power by the Executive branch, then you need to vote them out. PERIOD!

Our founding fathers have to be rolling over in their graves today.

Link:  With This One Simple Action The Government Just Crushed This Billion Dollar Company.

Dem’s False Creds To Tea Party

Have you noticed the narrative from the political Left changing from the tea party is irrelevant to the tea party has changed the GOP establishment to the point that they are now the same? There’s a purpose for such a false narrative, because there’s no evidence that the GOP has embraced what the ‘tea party’ (which isn’t an actual political party but rather a mindset of limited, constitutional government that protects freedom while exercising fiscal responsibility, including tax reform) stands for.

An accurate observation is more like the establishment GOP is has moved closer to the Democrat establishment, with no will or inclination to roll back the bloated government, no inclination to exercise fiscal responsibility, and no inclination to protect America’s economy, sovereignty, its Veterans, or its people.

The Left’s projection to equate the establishment GOP with the tea party is a reminder that they have nothing to run on that the people want. Nothing to run on that overcomes being lied to. The purpose is to run on demonizing the opponent. It’s what they do.

Truth is, the establishment GOP is just as delusional and dismissive over the tea party as the Democrats. And from that, you can bet both are concerned that they will see a repeat of 2010. Knocking both of them on their political ass.

It’s A Threesome, Establishment GOP, Dems, U.S. Chamber

Gov. Palin was right to call the GOP establishment for gloating over recent primary battles. Instead, they ought to be trying to figure out what they need to do to gain their support. For without it, the Dems will prevail, and the Republican party and our country will become irrelevant in coming years. Of course, this presumes that the GOP establishment is not in bed with the Democrats on crony capitalism like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is.

Either for lack of the intestinal fortitude it takes to stand on principle, or the spigot of corporate money flowing their way has overcome them, it is the GOP establishment that has thrown away the conservative principles that they once held. The very same principles that gave them the record victory in the House and other elected positions in all 50 states.

The Chamber of Commerce, or the Chamber of Crony Capitalism as Mark Levin calls them, has made it clear whose side they are on. As if to say that the tea party is not pro-business, they are putting their money on candidates that will support the cronyism of the day. Economic freedom and the country be damned.

At the time, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blamed tea party lawmakers for the economic damage caused by the government shutdown and vowed to pour money into campaigns to elect pro-business moderates against tea party candidates. The group said it would spend at least $50 million on campaigns to support centrist GOP candidates in 2014.

Link: Palin Scolds GOP Establishment for Gloating.

UAW Backs Off Of Tennessee VW Plant Organizing Loss

The United Auto Workers union on Monday said it was withdrawing its objection claiming undue outside political interference to the result of a February election it lost among workers at the Volkswagen AG plant in Tennessee.

UAW President Bob King, in a statement issued by the union Monday morning, said the process of objecting to the National Labor Relations Board could have dragged on for months if not years.

There’s never been a more big-labor-friendly administration than the current one. So why would they back down so quickly? With the fear of losing the Senate and maybe The White House in two years, maybe attacking a growing company on the behalf of Big Labor isn’t a winning proposition from a political standpoint? UAW President Bob King got the message, we’ll have more flexibility after the election. Which means using the federal government to make sure that the union is the only player in the game.

Link: UAW withdraws objection to lost election at VW Tennessee plant

Jolly (R) Wins FL13, Who Knew?

One Associated Press piece in the local paper titled Fla. House race could be warning for Democrats was all there was in the news media about the republican win in a district that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012. In a contest that was described as a bellwether for the midterm elections in November, where Obamacare was the focus on both sides.

NBC’s Chuck Todd said . . .

Tomorrow’s race in Florida will tell us a lot about the power of the Republican Party’s health-care attacks on Democrats could have in 2014.

Jolly campaigned on a conservative platform; cutting government spending, balanced budgets and repealing Obamacare. Sink tried a new version of offense with Obamacare; mend it, don’t end it. She followed the President’s agenda with a pro-illegal alien agenda, and more government spending. ‘Cutting spending’ and ‘balanced budget’ as an objective never crossed her lips.

Republican David Jolly beat Democrat Alex Sink with 48.5 percent of the vote to Sink’s 46.7 percent. Before the returns were in, Democrats began downplaying the importance of this contest. When the results were final, DNC Chair Debbie Was-a-man Shultz tried explaining away their loss, saying “the GOP fell short of its traditional margin” in a Republican-leaning district (but trending Democrat) packed with older voters.

She’s right about that. And the mainstream media carried her message. Missing in that fact is a little perspective. What she and the news media won’t say is that in all seven of Rep. Young’s elections, he ran unopposed. In this election, Jolly had two challengers. Sink a Democrat, and Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby.

Speaking of traditional margins. Third parties traditionally have given Democrats the win by siphoning off Republican party votes. Ralph Nader and Ross Perot come to mind. But this time, the nearly 5% that Overby got wasn’t enough to hand Sink a win. Also not mentioned was the fact that Jolly’s candidacy was not taken seriously by the establishment Republicans, allowing Jolly to be outspend by Democrats 3 to 1.

On the day before the election, Todd also said this . . .

Conversely, a Jolly win on Tuesday would signal that it’s open hunting season on Democrats — even in places where Obama has been a strength for Democrats in past elections.

It’s also open season on the establishment Republicans if they don’t stand on the principles that got them elected, and if they refuse to understand that running on conservative principles, compared with the status quo of the last 6 years, is how you win elections.