ATU Walkout, Depriving San Francisco Of Basic Transportation

SEIU transit workers still standing on the throats of San Francisco workers who depend on public transportation. Holding out for a three-year contract with raises of 5 percent each year, plus an automatic cost-of-living increase, each year, which adds up to about a 23 percent raise over three years.

A letter from Democratic state officials said the strike has caused “widespread personal hardship and severe economic disruption,” and it noted they were disappointed “about the lack of productive proposals and counterproposals in the days leading up to the strike.”

If they really care about working people, the solution is simple. Care about them more than your big contributors and drop the union.

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Big Labor, the boil on Democrats’ ass.

via Weary commuters face 3rd day of transit strike | Nation & World | The Seattle Times.

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