Fund Women’s Clinics, Not Planned Parenthood

If you want to see how ridiculous Hillary Clinton and her party’s response to Planned Parenthood critics are, just look at the numbers. When you do, it becomes obvious that Planned Parenthood is merely a political special interest of the Democrat Party. And as such, the $500,000,000 is the quid pro quo,  a political investment.

If serving women’s health issues were the object, then the pols in Washington would have no hesitation in pulling the half-billion dollars from the 700 Planned Parenthood Clinics, and instead divvy it up to the 13,540 other women’s clinics in the country. Clinics that do not kill babies and sell their remains.

Doing so will not shut down Planned Parenthood. They’ll get along just fine, if they don’t get shut down for the actions of their abortion department. And doing so will help more women than Planned Parenthood ever could.

Links: Health Clinics Nationwide Compared to Planned Parenthood Centers |  State maps of Women’s Health Centers v Planned Parenthood


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