Hypnotize Or Obamatize

How much does Obama dislike America? This much.

He doesn’t like anything that gets in the way of his remaking America, like the Constitution, and the entire principle that the government is by, of, and for the people. To this president, these are obstacles, not principles.

His latest scheme is how to fool more Americans into buying into his Marxist/Socialist agenda by using behavioral science. Knowing full well that he could not persuade the public into accepting what he wants to do, and not being interested in the least for what the people he is supposed to serve may want him to do, he’s looking into ways to train, to condition you into accepting something that you would not otherwise accept. You know, like training a pet, Obama wants to train you.

It’s no surprise that Obama and his regulatory czar Cass Sunstein operate this way. What is surprising is how the media and his fellow democrats will fall for it.

Link: President Obama Orders Behavioral Experiments On American Public