Dem’s False Creds To Tea Party

Have you noticed the narrative from the political Left changing from the tea party is irrelevant to the tea party has changed the GOP establishment to the point that they are now the same? There’s a purpose for such a false narrative, because there’s no evidence that the GOP has embraced what the ‘tea party’ (which isn’t an actual political party but rather a mindset of limited, constitutional government that protects freedom while exercising fiscal responsibility, including tax reform) stands for.

An accurate observation is more like the establishment GOP is has moved closer to the Democrat establishment, with no will or inclination to roll back the bloated government, no inclination to exercise fiscal responsibility, and no inclination to protect America’s economy, sovereignty, its Veterans, or its people.

The Left’s projection to equate the establishment GOP with the tea party is a reminder that they have nothing to run on that the people want. Nothing to run on that overcomes being lied to. The purpose is to run on demonizing the opponent. It’s what they do.

Truth is, the establishment GOP is just as delusional and dismissive over the tea party as the Democrats. And from that, you can bet both are concerned that they will see a repeat of 2010. Knocking both of them on their political ass.